10 Best Workaway Experiences – Best Hosts on Workaway

10 Best Workaway Experiences – Best Hosts on Workaway

After looking at 100s of hosts on Workaway.info I have come up with what I think are the best 10 Workaway experiences. I have selected the hosts based on the experiences/things to do near their location, their social aspects, reviews, and the types of work they offer.

I hope this video can help guide anyone who is looking for an amazing experience with a cool host on Workaway.

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Workaway Experience at Playground Hostel:

My Horrible Hostel Experience in Brighton:

How to Use Workaway:

More Travel Tips:

Workaway Profiles Shown in This Video (in the order shown):
1) Frankfurt, Germany

2) Taiwan

3) Brighton, England

4) Surf Camp Costa Rica

Honorable Mention Surf Camp:

5) Israel

6) Panama Forest Retreat

7) Teach English – Learn Spanish in Columbia:

8) Bungalows in Cambodia

9) Indonesia

10) Playground Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand

Video about playground:

New but Cool Workaway Experience in Albania:

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