22 Free Things You Can Take from a Hotel Room

Hey, it’s the source of those 18 tiny shampoo bottles and bars of soap in that bottom drawer of your bathroom cabinet! Yep, I’m talking about hotels and all the stuff we like to take from them, even if we don’t use it! But be careful there, sticky fingers – you’re technically only allowed to take certain things!

By the way, if you ever want to take something from a hotel room but doubt you can, simply ask if you can purchase the item or check if your hotel has an online shop where you can buy all those cute pillows and soft blankets. Because, yeah, you can’t take the bedding and towels!

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Soap and lotion 0:28
Shampoo and conditioner 0:50
Toothpaste and mouthwash 1:07
Shaving cream and razors 1:36
Deodorant 1:58
Sewing kit 2:14
Shoeshine kit 2:29
Shower cap 2:45
Plastic bags 3:01
Hairbrush or comb 3:26
Stationery 3:35
Envelopes 4:05
Magazines and newspapers 4:29
Coffee, tea, and sugar 4:54
Coffee mugs 5:16
Bottled water 5:44
Snacks 6:05
Bathrobes 6:28
Slippers 7:06
The bathtub ducky 7:39
Umbrellas 8:00
The “Do not disturb” sign and magnetic key card 8:28

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– That bar of soap is there for you and only you to use. The next person who stays in your room will obviously get a new one.
– Feel free to take your Barbie-sized toothpaste and mouthwash to-go when you check out. Some hotels also provide travel-sized toothbrushes for guests.
– Hey, if the hotel so kindly left you some shaving stuff, kindly accept the gift, even if you packed your own!
– Shoeshine kits usually include black shoe polish, a shine cloth, and shoeshine brush.
– A hairbrush or comb is yours. But any other hair tools you find in a hotel room, like a hair-dryer or straightener, shouldn’t be taken.
– While you’re stocking up on writing utensils, go ahead and throw the envelopes in your bag too. It’s one of those things you always forget to buy even though you need it more often than you realize.
– You can grab any reading materials the hotel has left for you to entertain yourself.
– If your hotel provides stuff to make warm beverages right in the room, then don’t hesitate to take the tea bags, coffee pouches, and sugar packets if you want.
– If you’re staying in a country where drinking tap water isn’t okay, then most local hotels will stock your room with free bottled water.
– To avoid extra spending, you should assume that all food and drinks in your hotel room are not free.
– Some hotels put price tags on the bathrobe hanger to make sure guests are aware that it’s not a free item you can take home.
– Slippers are not reusable, so if you leave them in the room, they’ll get thrown away. That’s why it’s no biggie if you get hold of one pair.
– Obviously, umbrellas are pretty expensive compared to slippers, but in most cases, you can keep one.

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