5 Mistakes NOT to Make in Mexico City 🇲🇽CDMX Travel Tips

5 Mistakes NOT to Make in Mexico City

In today’s travel vlog, we discuss some Mexico travel tips and Mexico travel mistakes. I got this idea after watching DivertLiving Mexico City Vlog were the discussed travel mistakes and discussed what not to do in Mexico City also known as CDMX!

4 out of 5 of my Mexico City Travel Tips in this Mexico City vlog are different from Divert Living, I do have one that was important enough that I figured I’d reiterate it.

If you have any Mexico City travel tips you’d like to share, please comment below, so others and avoid making those same travel mistakes. Also what do you think is the worst travel mistake in Mexico and travel mistakes not to make in Mexico City that people make during Mexico travel?

Despite these things we talked about Mexico City is an awesome city and you should definitely visit Mexico. If you are interested in more Mexico travel video content, please make sure you subscribe below.

Link to Divert Living’s video:

Thanks for checking out my Mexico travel tips and enjoy your Mexico City travel adventure when you visit Mexico!
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  1. I’m Mexican and I’ve been told by my mom since I was 4 to not drink two water from Mexico cause you can get sick but I didn’t know why Where I live do you bring gallons of water in like jugs but they are like 5 gallons

  2. Great video & Tips 👌
    Thank You 👏👏👏👏
    From New Zealand 🇦🇺🇦🇺
    God bless & stay safe ☝️☝️☝️

  3. Gym is to be around all the people working out and the music and the facilities. Working out in park is too distracting and half the machines are broken.

  4. Well well sound like a classic gringo about water….. so you know Mexicans drink too water…. I don’t drink too water anywhere in the world… I always buy any Boyle of water even in Europe or NYC where I live…. 👎🏼

  5. Nobody drinks the water from the tap in Mexico (Mexico City or beyond). I have lived here for over a decade now and I have never had a problem with water or ice in any restaurant, including those that don't take credit cards. And, pro tip! If you are only eating in restaurants that take credit cards, you are missing out on the best food in Mexico. Provecho.

  6. I've been rollerblading around Mexico City in a purple cape. White guy. Couldn't look more tourist. Everyone is super nice to me 😅

  7. Not flushing toilet paper?!?! Depends on where you stayed!! Lived for decades in CDMX and always flushed toilet paper without problem at all!!

  8. I've lived in mexico for a year so I can get health insurance for my teeth. I'm young so I actually learned the language quickly. But I felt a little bit like a foreigner despite living with family because I'm light skinned. They called me Guerra, light skin. I don't mind haha. But never ask random people for directions always ask police officers or food stands is why I got lost in mexico only once lol. Never a good idea. Also STAY AWAY FROM LOS HORNOS!!!

  9. Thank you for your excellent videos. Karma never loses an address.

    Thank you for these excellent videos, and stay safe and blessed always.


    Please help non beggars help themselves.


    THE truth can never be censored


    EVICTIONS ARE so wrong. Give every American household $38,000, so they can pay their rent etc. How safe will we be with even more people on the streets, and it will cost you more.

    Landlords do OVERCHARGE us for everything, so this is karma, but I do pay my rent utilities etc.

    Thank you for these beautiful videos. Stay safe and blessed always.

    A famous Quote:

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    Some people will talk about you, because if they talked about themselves, no one would care or listen.

    Pay these landlords and the people. It is already deadly on the streets, and these evictions will be

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    A word to the wise is sufficient…Do the right thing America and the world.

    Thank you for these beautiful videos. Stay safe and blessed always.

    A famous Quote:

    Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

    Some people will talk about you, because if they talked about themselves, no one would care or listen.

  10. Seriously they used to happen to me when I was a little kid I didn't know and I was being unsupervised being from Chicago we drink tap water all the time big mistake in Mexico I was Pooping for a week take it from me personally don't drink the tap water

  11. I'm Mexican and never had heard about Moctezuma revenge, maybe is just said in Mexico City I don't know.

  12. I'm from Mexico City, and I didn't know we shouldn't flush the toilet paper. Like I've done it my whole life and nothing bad has ever happened to our sewage system. I'm curious as who told him that.

  13. bruh i am mexican and not all is true like : you can flush gthe toilet and i think it is not legal to not have puriied water in a restaurant. i am 27 mexican and never herd of moctesumas revenge it is jut the pipes are not cleand and the not all the parks have jym stuf and they rob a lot in parks avoid gym parks

  14. The only thing I would like to make Americans understand is the water issue, in Mexico is not common at all to drink from the tap and no restaurant uses tap water to cook nor do people at homes, the tap is strictly used for cleaning dishes and washing hands, we use bottled water for everything and no we dont make ice with tap water, we use bottled water, we dont make coffee or anything with tap water, we use bottled water as well. I dont know why it is like that, but look at it the same way Japanese take their shoes when they are inside a room, we separate water for cleaning and consumption, its just what it is.

  15. The fruits have to be washed even better here in the u.s because they put a lot of chemicals. The causes cancer and other illness.

  16. 🙁well if i ever go there..i'll listen to my mom 😅… She knows very well about mexico .. She tells me like if she travel she hide her money inside hee bra. Also the water. She carry water with her. 🤔she did tell me it's dangerous to drink water there. But she rather drink yummy fruity drinks lol. And well what i know why men's wear pants so they won't burn from the sun also keep them warm from cold when it gets dark. I never been there but knowing my mom she'll let me know lol. 🤔i do remember something what my dad tells me. Always act like you know your way. 😒they well scam you for money just to charge you more that's what my parent's tell me. 😅thanks for the video

  17. I just returned to my home in San Diego, California from visiting Mexico City for my first time, I did everything I was not supposed to do, lol. And I loved it! People were so friendly, I will definitely visit again!

  18. sir how about in philippines🇵🇭 can you make a content about my country, try to visit ph🇵🇭 and i will wait for the review 😁

  19. The reason why I came here to watch this it's because I love going to Mexico while from my childhood I really wanted to go to Mexico but it has never happened so if it's possible may I know is it not too hard to get a job in Mexico am a Ugandan I want to come there please tell me what do I need to do

  20. I am a citizen of Ukraine. I was detained at the Mexico City airport. We were locked up in a punishment cell by 8 people from our flight, they behaved like dogs. They were detained at the airport in Mexico without giving any reason. None of the ambassadors of Ukraine could agree with them. They were deported without any cliches or explanations, they refused to speak English (only Spanish). This is worse than the Gestapo. We are still in shock. They behaved with us as if we were some kind of criminals. The janitor secretly said that this was the worst shift caught. To go to the toilet, you had to knock for 2 hours, unsanitary conditions everywhere, you had to beg for toilet paper (they gave each unfortunate piece of paper, laughed all night, the impression that they were stoned) during a conversation with the ambassador, they pulled the phone out of their hands, did not allow to call relatives to say what happened we are all right and laughing. All these people are 21 years old !!! $ 4000 down the drain (that is, the banana republic) !!! what right do they have to behave like cattle? We came as tourists, not criminals. Even the staff on the plane we flew home was shocked. Service and migration service score -0.🤮 Flight number KL 0685 05.01.21

  21. I didn't even know that mexico has so many problems with the water purification btw I'm mexican currently living in the state of chihuahua

  22. I'm from México and every point is correct lol
    Except for the toilet paper one, i think throwing used toilet paper in the trash can is gross and i've never done it and i've never had a problem.

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