5 Things American Tourists Shouldn't Wear in Europe

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Please Note: Young People Wear Many of These Styles Throughout Europe. These tips are geared toward 35+ year old travelers. Thanks for watching!

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Heading to Europe & Not Sure What to Pack? Here are a few things that my fellow US travelers may want to avoid packing if they are traveling to Europe.
1. Baseball Caps: Europeans in general do not wear baseball caps, especially backwards. You would be better served to wear a more traditional hat. You will see an occasional NY Yankee hat, but why not buy the fancy hat you always wanted instead?
2. Athletic Wear: Europeans tend to wear athletic wear to do sports, not to wear around town. There is a trend of more athleisurewear in Europe, but it is not to the extent that there is in US.
3. Khakis: the omnipresent US male pant choice is not something you will see too often in Europe. Go for colored pants or jeans. If you want khaki like pants wear Chinos instead of Dockers. The pants you will see are a thinner cut or “skinnier” fit than in the US.
4. Oversized US University Sweatshirts.
5. Sport Shoes or High Heals: US sport shoes and white socks are not quite as popular in Europe as they are in the US. You may be better off with Urban Street shoes like Vans instead. Also, women should be careful with high heels as with all the cobblestone it is easy to hurt your ankles.
Filmed in Rome, Italy

What Shoes to Take to Europe

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  1. Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe. Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent. And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better. Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions.

  2. Wait, don't wear your Adidas pants or athletic wear? Has this guy ever ever been to eastern Europe? Wear your Adidas and foreign tourists will approach you with a translation book asking for directions. Look local, wear your track suit. O'Niells in Ireland, Adidas/Puma in Europe.

  3. Im from Europe and honestly none of these are true its the complete opposite. I even wear cowboy boots.

  4. I was chatting with some friends of mine in England, France and Italy. I showed them this video. They all stated that what we shouldn't wear in Europe is 400 pounds of excess, bald headed pig fat. Can you think of who might be guilty of that and who also might be too obnoxious a prig to realize what a prig his 400 pounds of pig represents? Hmmmmmmmm!

  5. Wear whatever you want. Your Visa will not be cancelled or you will not detained if they find out in american wardrobe.!!!!!!! . You are in europe not in america 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I like you so much Wolters, i want your are my travels Guide, always funny, nice, smiling easy to anderstand without full stop time loosing , , but fast ..

  7. I know. I lived in Europe for so many years. Jeans are so popular there that almost everyone wears them. Like in the USA most wear jeans or dark blue jeans in urban areas but suburban areas khakis colored pants. Some wear them thinking they are well bred. I hated jeans for so many years. I liked dress pants and khakis. Just do. You know what? I do not care if people do not likw them. I met plenty of people just fine. I had no problem. I liked dressing nicely with polos rugbies etc. I feel fine. I do not wear baseball caps. Not since I was in college when I was a lifeguard. I like being unique and my own person.

  8. As someone rounding 50, I will wear what I please because I'm an American visiting Italy, I'm not an Italian lol. They don't start none, there won't be none. I appreciate the advice though.

  9. Let those European weirdos try to rob me for wearing my hat however I want they’ll get the old switcharoo and get mugged real quick good thing I’ll never leave my home town and can only dream of the larger world

  10. And if going to Norther Europe like Swedeen, Norway and Denmark – wear the kind of gears Wolter tells you not to wear….

  11. Here in germany everybody has His nikes or Adidas ..its normal the wear Sneakers.. and Mama ppl have the Adidas suit and big hoddies..i dont know why He said this.. we spot americans because they are in contrast to us Germans extremely loud…

  12. Me, a Swiss guy, literally wears these stuffs and i saw other locals walking around with LA or NY caps (or a football club like Barca or Madrid) and adidas or nike sweatpants and sports shoes. I never knew that these were all american things and no one ever asked me if i was american. Just wear in what you feel comfortable in

  13. I disagree about «don't wear khakis». It depends how you wear them. In the evening, slimmer-fitting in a nice material with an elegant shirt or sweater…quite common. But don't wear big, baggy khakis, especially the cargo variety, with a big, baggy white t-shirt…that's just ugly and pickpockets will be queuing behind you. On the other hand, some tourists go to the other extreme, and try to look extremely elegant as if they were going to a cocktail party, whereas most Europeans would dress casually to just see the sights. Some other advice: Don't visit a city in clothes that you would wear to go camping!

  14. Kind of disagree on the khakis. Yes they are a very American thing, but it's not something people will pick up negatively unlike wearing athletic wear when not appropriate.

  15. So WHY shouldn't we Wear what we want,,when People from OTHER countries wear WHAT THEY WANT when they come to America???

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