7 Things to Avoid on Oahu | Don’t Make These Hawaii Travel Mistakes

7 Things to Avoid on Oahu | Don’t Make These Hawaii Travel Mistakes

You booked that plane ticket and have your bags packed for Hawaii. Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, and most people save up an entire lifetime to experience everything the island has to offer. And holy moly, you’re finally doing it!

Now, I was born, raised, and have lived here on Oahu for most of my life. I want you to make the most of your time here and not squander your precious vacation by making the same mistakes that I see countless tourists make time and time again. That’s why I put together this list of seven things to avoid on Oahu.

Before I go any further, everything I mention here are my personal opinions and are completely subjective. You don’t have to listen to a dummy like me, and please feel free to spend your vacation however you deem fit. With that being said, I can almost guarantee if you avoid these seven things, that you’ll have a much richer experience overall.

7 Things to Avoid on Oahu:

1. Spending the whole time in Waikiki
2. Trying the same ho-hum food
3. Not renting a car
4. Rush hour traffic
5. Attending a luau
6. Major sunburn
7. Rushing

Those were my seven things to avoid on Oahu. I don’t want you to make these mistakes, and I hope this video has helped you plan for your future trip. If you have any questions or think I missed something, please feel free to drop a comment down below. I appreciate you watching. See you!

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