7 Things to Avoid on Oahu | Don’t Make These Hawaii Travel Mistakes

7 Things to Avoid on Oahu | Don’t Make These Hawaii Travel Mistakes

You booked that plane ticket and have your bags packed for Hawaii. Hawaii is synonymous with paradise, and most people save up an entire lifetime to experience everything the island has to offer. And holy moly, you’re finally doing it!

Now, I was born, raised, and have lived here on Oahu for most of my life. I want you to make the most of your time here and not squander your precious vacation by making the same mistakes that I see countless tourists make time and time again. That’s why I put together this list of seven things to avoid on Oahu.

Before I go any further, everything I mention here are my personal opinions and are completely subjective. You don’t have to listen to a dummy like me, and please feel free to spend your vacation however you deem fit. With that being said, I can almost guarantee if you avoid these seven things, that you’ll have a much richer experience overall.

7 Things to Avoid on Oahu:

1. Spending the whole time in Waikiki
2. Trying the same ho-hum food
3. Not renting a car
4. Rush hour traffic
5. Attending a luau
6. Major sunburn
7. Rushing

Those were my seven things to avoid on Oahu. I don’t want you to make these mistakes, and I hope this video has helped you plan for your future trip. If you have any questions or think I missed something, please feel free to drop a comment down below. I appreciate you watching. See you!

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  1. Great advice, however, the youth cultural language that you are using is certainly a turnoff. Consider your target audience.
    Again, I did find your advice to be very helpful. One thing that I'd like to find is how to view the local, traditional people. Sit with them, eat with them, hear how the local non-tourist go about their business. etc

  2. Great video man. We are coming on Thursday. We are contemplating renting a car but not sure if we should. What’s the 1 day rentals you were talking about.

  3. I went there in June of 2021 and going again in February of 2022. I found Germaine’s Luau to have been very delicious food (so much I bought the expensive tickets to go again). They also introduced the Polynesian culture and explained Hawaii life to me. I thought it was great. Isn’t the PCC owned by the Mormon church??? Other than that, I found your video to be very helpful. Thank you.

  4. Tracy and I already made our trip in February of 2016, but I wanted to see how many of these we had managed to avoid. Actually, we did pretty well.

    We attended exactly one luau together: the Polynesian Cultural Center.

    We stayed in Waikiki but managed to hit various things all over Oahu.

    We dropped into Burger King exactly once, but that was half convenience and half so we could tell everybody we'd had a "cheeseburger in paradise." The rest of the time it was poke, kalua pig, and so on.

    We did not rent a car, depending on tour buses and public transit. But since I didn't have a license at the time and Tracy is scared of traffic, I'm going to stand by that one. It caused us a problem all of twice: once when we were rushing (we didn't most of the time but that one Friday we did), and when we missed the tour bus out to Kualoa Ranch. But the people at Kualoa worked with us, telling us exactly what bus to catch and where to catch it, so we were still able to ride horses and OH MY GAWD but Kualoa is beautiful, even for Oahu.

    Speaking of Kualoa… Tracy and I slathered on sunscreen anytime we got near a beach, but somehow it didn't occur to us that you can get sunburned riding horses, too. We did.

    As mentioned, there was one day we were rushing. Even with a car, it might have been a bit much: Bishop Museum, 'Iolani Palace, Hilton fireworks, all in one day. Tracy missed one thing she wanted to do at the museum, and we missed the fireworks altogether. People: don't rush your Hawaii vacation.

  5. Tantlus/roundtop, watch sunset on Waikiki, maybe take some grines & picnic.
    There used to be some areas considered locals only, Is that still true?
    I bought seaweed pakalolo once, that was when I quit.
    Waikiki isn't what it was in the 80s, not as fun & sterile.
    There's(was?) a food trucks area off Kalakaua, on the Ft. Derussy area, any good?
    I think it's cringey to say aloooohaaa, mock hula, or hawaiian words that sound funny to mainlanders.
    The pier is interesting, more locals there.
    Cheesecake…at least walk 1/2 a block to Dukes.

  6. Visiting Oahu later this month(November) and staying on North shore right at the Ocean. Wondering if it will be too windy on North side? Can anyone please suggest?

  7. this explains quite well why i hated going there, there were some parts of it that i loved like the nature and buddhist temple, waikiki is super overrated and the luau was god awful (doesnt show you anything about hawaiian culture you cant easily find on tv), i actually would probably go back if i could and travel according to my own plans, the most tourist attractions in general suck, just go for the nature and the actual hawaiian culture

  8. Honolulu doesnt come close to Vancouver, Manila , Jakarta, etc You have absolutely no clue, you need to do some serious travelling avoiding backpacking

  9. Aww! Thanks so much! Shane! I so appreciate your listing these 7 things. 🙂 ps: I can hardly wait to taste the Shave ice!!!:-) Will truly melt in my mouth! Ha! Ha! Ha! 🙂 Take care.

  10. Can you please recommend a place to stay is our first time and we want to experience the Hawaii life

  11. Aweso.e on the shaved ice. We had a chap from Hawaii here in Sarasota who had an ice shaver from the Island. Great food.

  12. it is super kind of you to warn tourists not to waste a 1/4 of their daylight in traffic or half their nights in pain.

    I wen buss laugh when you're using this nicely written language, then describe the traffic and be like, "…therefore, the traffic from the westside TO downtown Honolulu.. is the fucking worst."

    I'm so glad you gave PCC the caveat. Entertainment-wise, Paradise Cove is pretty good, though I'll always tout PCC as the Disneyland of Hawaii where they replace rides with education.

    Rainbow's is the solid reccomendation. Also far up the street, if can find, is Gina's. Yama's is also somewhat nearby. If nothing else, or even as a fall back, I personally think the L&L Hawaiian BBQ chain is just fine.

    Get your shave ice from Waiola's or Matsumoto's.

    Unpopular opinion: best north shore shrimp is not from the trucks, but Ted's Bakery.

  13. A friend went there and said watch out for attacks from Hawaiian people because they dont like white american tourists, any truth to that?

  14. Local here. Great video, excellent advice, except Lanikai Beach is now closed to any traffic other than people who live there, so it's a hike to get to. Waimanalo or Kailua are good substitutes, particularly Waimanalo because there aren't many people there. Eat at SouthShore Grille on Monserrat in Honolulu and right next to it is ARS coffee shop. Both are excellent.

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