ADLEY HOTEL is now OPEN!! Master Niko helps Dad check in! NO PETS! Orbeez Spa! family pretend play

“GREAT HOTEL but good luck finding the right room”

HEY EVERYBODY!! *ding ding* Our Hotel is open for business!! Mom, Niko, and I are going into the hotel business together!! We built it from the ground up! We’ve gone from room to room in our house transforming it into the most luxurious hotel for our customers!! We’ve also set up a front desk for checking in and a spa to help travelers relax!! This is a new game we’ve been playing for a little bit and we really like it! It’s kind of like our game Neighborhood where all my family is my neighbor but we put a twist on it, and it’s so fun!! My Dad plays as a traveler coming off the plane from Hawaii and he needs a good place to stay! We check him in with a lot of questions and inform him that we don’t allow pets in our establishment! Before he can pick a room we must give him the grand tour to let him decide where to settle in! We show him the master suite, the laundry room, the dinosaur and horse room, the linen room, the baby brother room, and the pink room!! He chose the pink room!! After he got settled in, he got ready for the spa!! Our spa was built in our bathroom! We filled the bathtub full of orbeez for a relaxing experience! We got dad to the spa and we kind of pushed him in! Then we played in the spa for a while!! It was the best hotel day ever!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*