As Hawaii welcomes visitors back, battle brews between union and hotels

As Hawaii gets set to welcome visitors back, a battle is brewing between the union for hotel workers and their employers. The union is accusing the hotels of violating their contract by not bringing back enough workers.

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  1. My advice to you folks who are in the Islands and depend upon your tourism, your local businesses and your Government. These folks will not help you but only to get rid of you and your Ohana. Get somebody who will be responsible, and especially accountable for their actions and not yours, because right now if this pandemic gets any worse than it is right now, you’re all doom.

  2. HE-GAY wants tourists back in hawaii and then blame them for bringing COVID into the state! LOCKDOWN AGAIN, just wait! also, HOW IN THE WORLD WILL THESE HOTELS going to manage the influx of visitors when there is a lack of workers! THESE WORKERS WILL BE OVERWHELMED and then THEY WILL EVENTUALLY QUIT!

  3. Hawaii tourism is geared for Japanese tourists. All others are good, just not as easy or profitable. Hotels will not resume operations precovid until the $$$$$ (nihonjin) return. Hotels turn their profits at 70% occupancy. They have to reduce overhead to adjust to much lower capacity.

  4. This is expected not only in beautiful Hawaii but at ANY respectable hotel. If I’m going to pay X amount of big dollars to stay somewhere nice, I expect it to be clean! GIVE BACK THE JOBS AND SELF RESPECT TO THE PEOPLE! PEOPLE WANT TO MAKE AN HONEST LIVING

  5. Here’s a better idea – make Kamaaina Deals and make tourist pay the difference. Cheap hotels and tourist deals attract all those economy travelers and those are the ones that act up in Waikiki. Notice not too much stabbing in Waikiki right now.
    Second – Test everyone getting on a plane to get here – locals too. As soon as we did away with the Safe Travels Test – that’s when we collapsed back to high daily numbers. Vax is secondary – you can still catch and spread Covid if you are vaxed-
    The UK is now getting their numbers skyrocketing again because they relaxed the rules.
    Testing is key – test positive stay away! Get vaxed and have a slight cough – thinking its just a cold – then spread it to your family, friends, co workers, and strangers is where we stand to be shut down again right before Christmas.

  6. Governor Ige and the democrats completely Sabotaged Hawaii’s economy using covid as an excuse and now there is no turning back

  7. The hotels are scalping at this point they already paid off assets right now unions are getting in the way of more profit

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