Backpacking, Round 2!! Surviving a 33-hour Journey & the Australian East Coast Adventure Begins 🌎

Aaaaaaaah here it finally is! 🙈 The gap year travel vlogs begin anew… this time, on the other side of the world. 🌎 I really hope you enjoy coming along on the craZy 33-hour journey to Sydney, featuring 3 flights, a layover in Taipei and some freak hailstorms.

I travelled with my friend Ceri, who I’ve known since Year 7! 🦋

Note: I received a discounted experience in certain hostels or gifted activities thanks to my YouTube channel and reaching out to companies! However, all my opinions are honest. 🥰

Hostel we stayed at in Sydney: Wake Up! (gifted) 🌻 absolutely loved them:

We booked our flight through the website SkyScanner, which allows you to compare prices, see the cheapest days to fly and generally helps you save money. Yes, our journey was 33 hours. But yes, we saved a lot of cash… 😉 We flew British Airway, KLM and China Airlines with no issues. 💛

I genuinely hope this all helps! x


  1. I keep rewatching this, I wanna be finished with school so bad, it’s only one year left

  2. I first watched this series last summer. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and these videos have made me want to go even more 🙂 living vicariously through these until I can go hopefully in 2022!

  3. Watching this as an alternative to netflix as a way to get a positve vibe in lockdown!! ;))

  4. Don’t know why you lot just didn’t go for a Kuala Lumpur stop over 6/7 hours with Malaysian, I’m going home to Sydney and always had a kuala stop over. Yeah the hailstorm was pretty shit I rememeber that day.

  5. I don't like backpackers.
    They are here to pich frukt but as soo as they find a rich man so they go to sleep with.
    So cheap creatures

  6. Omygod I just discovered you and see that you were backpacking in Australia the same time as I was! maybe we've seen eachother haha

  7. what cameras n stuff did you use to film all your Australia vlogs? loveeeeed this series so much and now want to go myself and don't know what camera stuff to bring? pls help xx

  8. Hello new friend. Your video is great for viewers. Suitable for all ages. Interact together. Successful cooperation

  9. to the hail: HOW IS THIS AUSTRALIA?!

    buddy this is me every day our country is insane omgggg XD

  10. Hey Jade!
    First of all, I am such a fan of these travel vlogs! I have been saving up to go to Australia and I think I'll finally go next year, and these vlogs make me so incredibly excited!
    I was hoping you could make a video with backpacker tips, with things such as when you started booking your hostels, how you budgeted the trip, how you packed your suitcase and tips for on the way! It looks like you had an amazing time and had most of your things sorted so it would be so helpful to know how you did it!
    As for now keep up the crazy good editing because I'm just looooving these!!

  11. This makes me want to travel soooo bad. I wish I chocked afford to travel. I wish I had enough money in between high school and college

  12. Wow I’ve rewatched all these travel videos they are insane 😩🤩😩 makes me want a gap year !

  13. oh my goodness i recently took a trip to japan and had a layover in taipai, but it was for 5 hours so i couldn't leave! it was extremely painful!! i have a vlog on my channel i'd love for you to check it out! i've been watching you videos for a while and you're such an inspiration. -love from canada

  14. Oh my goodness, I’m from Sydney and in almost certain the close you went into is the one I shop at EVERY SATURDAY (I’m pretty sure that is coles in world square near Chinatown)

  15. Hey! So, we're basically the same age and I'm going on my first ever solo adventure pretty soon! I was wondering if you have any tips, suggestions and/or advices. Great video btw <3

  16. Oh Australian weather how I love you. There was a cyclone then there’s not then there is again then there’s not. It’s really annoying but I. Glad most of the time the weather isn’t to bad. Although the droughts aren’t great. Anyway I love Australia and am grateful to live here!

  17. ahh! im so excited! your travel vlogs always make the travel bug in me want to drop everything and see the world! Hopefully I'll be able to soon!

  18. did anyone else get emotional when kery (sorry if i spelt it wrong) was saying goodbye to her parents

  19. Accidentally found your channel two weeks ago and my fave videos were your vlogs from the first trip. I'm glad to see updates, travel vlogs especially 🙂

  20. That’s an extremely long flight..I booked mine at STA and it has one stop, and I also saved ALOT of cash

  21. oh my god i was wearing earphones and my name is ceri and everytime you said her/my name i thought it was someone calling me 😂😭

  22. I can't bereave how crazy emotional this video made me!!! LOL! My children have all this to look forward to – (the travelling alone part)! We LOVED Australia – we only went for 4 weeks – we would totally love to go again! Well done to both of you for being such inspirational teenagers and taking the time to share it with the world! Yes Jade! xxx

  23. Jade I am really inspired by your travel video. It would be amazing if you could make a video on what you did to prepare and how you got such cheap food and flights. Love you X

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