Backpacking, Round 2!! Surviving a 33-hour Journey & the Australian East Coast Adventure Begins 🌎

Aaaaaaaah here it finally is! 🙈 The gap year travel vlogs begin anew… this time, on the other side of the world. 🌎 I really hope you enjoy coming along on the craZy 33-hour journey to Sydney, featuring 3 flights, a layover in Taipei and some freak hailstorms.

I travelled with my friend Ceri, who I’ve known since Year 7! 🦋

Note: I received a discounted experience in certain hostels or gifted activities thanks to my YouTube channel and reaching out to companies! However, all my opinions are honest. 🥰

Hostel we stayed at in Sydney: Wake Up! (gifted) 🌻 absolutely loved them:

We booked our flight through the website SkyScanner, which allows you to compare prices, see the cheapest days to fly and generally helps you save money. Yes, our journey was 33 hours. But yes, we saved a lot of cash… 😉 We flew British Airway, KLM and China Airlines with no issues. 💛

I genuinely hope this all helps! x