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The best things to do while visiting Molokai, Hawaii 2022 are coming up next. Molokai is one of the remote less popular islands of Hawaii and this video is about top things to do in Molokai.

Molokai is one of the less crowded islands of Hawaii where you can enjoy the culture, friendliness and is full of History. There you can watch massive sea cliffs, go to a cultural hike, Enjoy spending time at the beaches, send a nut, visit Kalaupapa National Historical Park and can do much more.

0:00 Visiting Molokai Introduction
0:23 Halawa Valley Hike
0:55 Moloka’i Sea Cliffs
1:11 Kalaupapa National Historical Park
1:45 Father Damien Churches
2:06 Kamakou Preserve
2:32 Kumimi Beach
2:46 Hotel Molokai
3:00 Scuba Diving Molokai
3:21 Post A Nut
3:38 Moloka’i Hot Bread
3:55 Phallic Rock
4:13 Sunset From Papohaku Beach
4:32 Conclusion

In Molokai, you will find the friendliest people, so a lot of time you just have to ask around and you will receive help. And remember there is no public transport so you have to rent a vehicle.

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Kalaupapa National Historical Park:
Molokai Fish and Dive:

Molokai Travel FAQs

So this was the video about the best things to do in Molokai.

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