Depression : Hawaii & Why I Don't Talk About It

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  1. You make people want to know more about depression here. Did you ever do a "part 2" on this?

  2. Wow. I can't speak. Is just WOW. Someone give her a Oscar for excellence in cinematic achievements!
    That text! That voice!
    We just want to say that we love you Christine.
    We are here with you.
    We admire you and pray for you.
    Even if not all of us leave a comment because we fear that other people might judge us.
    Some of us don't speak English (me).
    Some of us have jealous girlfriends and wifes who will kick us for talking with beatiful Hawaiian angels.

  3. Yes. Cause: America – it is mind-numbing, the culture is mind-numbing, the disconnect the detachment everyone has from admitting something is wrong.
    The cure, People, gathering as many friends as you can from as many different parts of the world as you can and falling in love and staying present.

  4. Straight off the bat when i saw the vid of you talking about EPIK vs Hagwon (Which was the first vid i saw of you) I knew your were from Hawaii. Well the name kinda gave it away kkk…..anyways nice to see some hawaii people making vid about korea! Take it easy sista!

  5. I love this…pretty deep! I am fortunate, I never really get too depressed. When I do, I don't stay that way for very long. Keep up the great series, and good luck with your travels!

  6. Christine, i hope u find whatever you have been looking for . I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts . Plus, your YouTube channel has been a great inspiration for all the women around the world. I hope future brings you nothing but happiness and success.

  7. Wow, I can relate to this so so much. I'm at the same point in my life and the only thing that keeps me sane is my plan to travel around for a longer period after I graduate Sept. next year. I'm looking forward to see more of this series. It is very well done.

    All the best!

  8. I am so happy that you are making this series! Beautifully written, and I must say I can very much relate! Thank you for opening the door and being brave enough to share!! Looking forward to your journey and discovery! xooxoxoxo ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Christine, the hardest realization in our lives, is we do get depressed and you recognize it. The gray matter between our ears can make us the most miserable person in the world. We forget the 3 Ls. love, life and laugh. Learn to love yourself, find the life you want, most of all laugh, at yourself first.

  10. Oh…I hope you are doing well! I understand you so good. I will pray for you, stay strong! xxx

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