Every Tyron Woodley Finish

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has put together an impressive highlight reel of knockouts and submissions in his career thus far. Woodley looks to add another finish to his record when he faces Gilbert Burns in Saturday’s main event.

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  1. Look at Tyron after he submits Till, he doesnt look like he enjoyed that win almost as if he had one foot out the door already:/

  2. Honestly I never understood the hate Woodley got throughout his career, sure he's not my favorite fighter by no means, but his explosiveness that he brought in all his fights before his decline was fun to watch. Definitely one of the best welterweights in UFC history.

  3. Knock outs all these people just to get his shit rocked by some some punk kid who got famous of Disney and vine. Smh

  4. and you are telling me he lost to jake paul and it wasnt fixed! LOL ok
    when they dangle millions of dollars in his face which is exponentially more than what he would make in a title fight for UFC of course he will agree to whatever terms! its a pay day!
    today its all about money, ZERO integrity!

  5. Wonder how much he got paid not to punch Paul like that. Not one punch outta the five he threw had that intention.

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