Exploring OAHU, HAWAII in 72 HOURS! A NEW Travel Itinerary Challenge Series

For our first ever visit to the State of #Hawaii, we end up exploring #OAHU in 72 HOURS! We chronicle our adventures visiting four (4) different islands of Hawaii in our new “Travel Itinerary Challenge” series to share our experience seeing, eating, and doing a number of attractions in a set amount of time.

We’ve found, after many years traveling together, that we have the tendency of cramming as many things as possible into the trip as we get overly excited about wanting to DO, EAT, and SEE EVERYTHING!

Below is the original list we set out to complete for our first visit to Oahu. In this “Travel Itinerary Challenge” series, we will see how close we can get to checking off each item on our list.

📋 Preston & Krista’s Original Itinerary List for 72 Hours in Oahu*

01. Diamond Head Crater
02. Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design
03. Ala Moana Center
04. Leonard’s Bakery
05. ‘Iolani Palace
06. The Pig & Lady
07. Pearl Harbor
08. The Royal Hawaiian Resort
09. Nu’anuanu Pali Lookout
10. Polynesian Center Hawaiian Luau
11. Makapuu Tide Pools
12. Lanai Lookout
13. Hananuma Bay
14. Kualoa Ranch
15. North Shore Turtle Beach
16. Haleiwa Matsumoto Shave Ice
17. Waimea Canyon Falls
18. Manoa Falls Hiking Trail

📋 Preston & Krista’s Actualized Itinerary for 72 Hours in Oahu

01. Island Brew Coffeehouse
02. Lanai Lookout
03. Waimanalo Beach Park
04. Lanikai Beach
05. Pali Highway
06. The Pig & Lady
07. Waikiki Beach
08. The Royal Hawaiian Resort
09. Honolulu Sunrise at Tantalus Overlook
10. E-Mountain Bike Tour at Kualoa Ranch
11. North Shore Food Trucks – Penny’s Malasadas
12. North Shore Food Trucks – Waffle on a Stick
13. Sunset Beach Crooked Palm Tree
14. Shark’s Cove
15. Laniakea “Turtle” Beach
16. Haleiwa Island Vintage Coffee
17. Waimea Polynesian Toa Luau
18. Diamond Head Crater Hike
19. Marukame Udon
20. Pearl Harbor
21. Koko Head Cafe

We hope the itinerary lists and tips are helpful!


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  1. Great video. I would have liked to see a map of the island showing approximate locations of sites you went to. Seemed like much of the food you tried was deep fried – tempura, etc. I liked the açaí bowls and fresh fruit though!

  2. My wife and I will be visiting Hawaii at the end of August. We plan on visiting The Big Island, Oahu, Kauai and Maui. Which island would you recommend visiting first considering jet lag and activities? We are also from NY would like to know how you guys prepared and/or coped with jet lag?

  3. Great Video Guys!!! out of curiosity what camera are you using? keep creating great content 🙂

  4. Thank you sooo much! Watching this at Hawaiian Village Hilton Resort, I have 3 days remaining and can use these activities to my list especially the Shangri-la of Islamic Art Culture and Design!

  5. Hi, I love your videos. It's such fun watch your travels while using my rowing machine to keep fit under our UK lockdown. Please could you consider doing a video about Niihau and Molokai? Thanks!.

  6. Love your videos!
    On Oahu I loved the Pillbox hike and lanikai beach right after. Koko head hike and crouching lion. Also there’s a sand bar tour with capataon bob. Highly recommend!
    North shore, Ko Olina area is amazing.
    Uncle Bo’s restaurant is a hole in the wall! Very yum!

  7. I made travel vlogs too, and I'm going to Oahu on my honeymoon this year. I'm so excited and thank you for all of the great tips and ideas. I definitely think we'll want to do Diamond Head hike! I can't wait to see it and get footage!

  8. I have been to Oahu, Hawaii 8 times. I loved it, there's so many activities to do and see. Flying from Sydney, Australia more than 9.5 hrs is worth it. Self driving around coastal Oahu is a must, watch the coastal scenery change every time.. spectacular!

  9. Before I started my comment I checked out what others wrote and after a quick scan I don't recall seeing any negative ones. I hope you'll take the following as constructive criticism. On the bright side you got some beautiful footage, however most of the "activity" shots were too brief with quick pans. I guess you're trying to get a lot in. Your longest scenes were in eating places when it seemed to be one long commercial. Consider more Oahu and less loco moco. You sure love your food though. I was hoping to see more of the many attractions Oahu has to offer. My apologies for not seeing this sooner. We just got back from a month in Waikiki and I wanted to relive some of the memories.

  10. Great videos! thinking of taking my 16 yr old son to Oahu in May for a week. I'm not sure if I just stay on Oahu the entire time or try and visit another island. Any advice on if its worth seeing another island in that short of time and if so what would be best island for sightseeing/hiking. thanks!

  11. WOW you both packed a ton into just a short time on the island. We're heading to Oahu in September and are going for 9 nights. So far we have Kualoa Ranch, Polynesian Cultural Center, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation on our list of things to do. Been looking forward to this trip since it was booked a few months ago. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  12. I traveled here last month. I was able about 8 things I planned on while i was in Oahu. We started our first day off with a morning hike Makiki recreational area, and a attempt at surfing at Waikiki beach. I highly recommend taking a lesson, as you have a tough time figuring it out. the rest of the day we spent eating different types of food. The next day we went to island divers to snorkel and scuba diving for 69.00 dollars on groupon. The sea turtles are amazing, and huge!! After scuba diving, we went to North shore to cliff diving, but parking is hard to find, so we ended up at Three Tables to swim, and play football on the beach. The next day we went sky diving with pacific sky diving . Be aware if you do scuba diving, you cant sky dive for 24 hours due to the pressure with your ears I think. I got lucky, and there was a 26 hour gap. The last day we went to Pearl Harbor and the swamp meets at the stadium in Pearl City. Pearl Harbor was extremely educational, and the swap meet is by far the best place to get souvenirs. Kids t shirts were 5 for 20, and adults 4 for 20. It was an amazing time, but I would recommend scheduling in two half days of just relaxation, as I was exhausted the whole trip. I want able to do three things i wanted to do. I wasn't able to go to a luau, shark cage diving, and deep sea fishing. There's always next time

  13. Hola me he suscrito a tu canal si te gusta la cocina sana y fácil visitarme te sorprenderá.segimos en contacto.

  14. Hey, you still did a ton of activities. Important to go with the flow and schedule some naps on the beach next trip spend 3 days at the polynesian Cultural center .

  15. Hey enjoyed the videos, it seems you've missed a whole lot in your what appears to be a set of fast set of stops, Diamond Head and Pearl Harbour and other things in one day!!! Wow. My wife and I were on Oahu this past March, and it took us all day just to see all the different things at Pearl, and this was our second time as our first was done through sightseeing excursion and we didn't get to see all of what we wanted to see. Hiking Diamond head took the better part of half a day. We love the islands and will be back again. If you ever go back please slow down and really enjoy what you see.

  16. Aloha guys. Next time you head out to Oahu. Please go to Regal's Airport Diner (closed on Sundays) & order the Honey Garlic Chicken. Make sure they give the sauce. Without the sauce, you just have fried chicken. *****A MUST GO***** ALOHA!!!!

  17. Next time, stop by Liliha bakery. They get bomb a** poi(taro) doughnuts and Leonard’s bakery for their infamous malasadas.

  18. When did you guys go? October/November? It looks like beautiful weather! Was thinking about going around that time! Let me know?

  19. Love your videos! My fiance and I are going to Hawaii for our honeymoon in October! Do you mind sharing which video equipment you use?

  20. MUST SEE!!! Oahu's Botanical gardens – it's absolutely awesome AND worth the trip EVERY TIME! Check out everything you need to know before exploring the botanical gardens on Oahu! http://bit.ly/30fO5lp 🚶🏼‍♂️🌺🌻🌷🌲👀

  21. Awesome! We just booked our trip for November and have a few questions. At what time did you get to Waimanalo and Lanikai beach and did you have trouble parking?

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