Flying From LAX to Oahu on Hawaiian Airlines 2021 | Hawaii Travel Vlog

After getting our negative results from our Covid Test here on the mainland, ( we were beyond stoked to head to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), hop onto our favorite Airline, “Hawaiian Airlines” and head to our favorite place HAWAII!!

Hands down, Hawaiian Airlines/Hawaii in general are doing it right. Ensuring safety from the cabin to stepping onto the island for its guests, residents, and staff. After a comfortable and socially distanced flight we landed onto the island and soaked in the fresh breeze, scents, and felt the Aloha instantly.

Once we departed the plane we all went under a temperature/thermal machine manned by our US finest and then proceeded to Hawaii Safe Travels screening area located in the airport. The staff ensured we had valid ID’s and negative test results. After we were cleared, we picked up our bags from baggage claim and our Hawaii Adventure began.

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  1. Does Hawaii Airlines give you a free carry on luggage like South West ? This will be my first time going to Hawaii !

  2. Hi! Just a quick question, how’s Hawaiian airlines? I’ve been reading bad reviews about them, just wanna know how’s your experienced with them?

  3. LUGGAGE TIPS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Tie three or four colored ribbons around the handle to your luggage to warn others that this is not their luggage. People grab luggage at the turnstile and take it home before you ever see it.

    Anywhere you put your bag, it could be grabbed in error. Example: overhead compartment, unloaded from the bus, at the hotel lobby, at the airport turnstile…

    These ribbons make your luggage different and EASY TO SPOT when the piece is surrounded by 35 other cases unloaded from the bus. Using 4 ribbons make it immediately different than other cases with 1 ribbon.

    Use 1” wide ribbons 14” long and not longer. Cut the ends at 45 degrees.

    Tie the ribbons as a sandwich, as if they were one ribbon. Use a man’s tie, a half Windsor knot for the best look. After it is tied on, the total length of the ribbons will be about 5 inches from the handle. This is too short to catch on anything such as rollers.

    Scissor cut trim the ribbons to cascading different lengths after they are tied. Put a drop of Super Glue at the end.
    If each ribbon is slightly a different length by 1/4” the color layers will all show up no matter how they drape.

    You can see these ribbons from 40 feet away.
    Perhaps tie TWO handles or RINGS top and side of the case.
    Tie using a HALF WINDSOR KNOT to the metal buckle ring of the handle.

    Learn Half Windsor knot tying:
    It is the 2nd example in this video
    This knot does not loosen.

    Put your phone number on one ribbon using a fine point permanent Sharpie.
    Example: “Owner 454-333-7878”
    No personal name necessary.
    No address necessary on the ribbon.

    Choose one ribbon with an unusual pattern or fabric to really make it unique. The 4th ribbon could be black color.

    Stand by the output port of the turnstile to reduce the chance of someone else grabbing your piece.

    Tie your skiies, duffel bag, backpack and what ever else with matching ribbons—even your computer case.

    If you are a Travel Agent, you could hot gold stamp one ribbon with your name and phone number. Send them a set of ribbons, red and blue and BLACK to your customer as a gift. Record this gift in your database so you don’t duplicate yourself.
    Buy a gold hot embossing machine. Gold emboss your business name on the BLACK ribbon. Put the customer’s name on it if possible.

    Pleasant color combinations:
    Red, white and blue
    Chartreuse and purple and orange
    Orange and light blue
    Orange and yellow
    Gray and pink
    Green and yellow
    Red and Green
    Red and Gold
    Light blue and light green and white

    The 4th ribbon could be white, gray, black, tan

    Tip #2 Take a cell phone picture of the ribbon tied on. Then another picture of the full luggage piece. You now have a way to communicate “what it looks like” if someone is tasked with searching for it. Take this picture outside in direct sun not under neon lights.

    Tip #3 Place a strip of colored duct tape on the inside lining to your case. Put TWO pieces in DIFFERENT places such as INSIDE a pocket to the case. If you dare, put your phone number DIRECTLY ON THE FABRIC WITHOUT USING TAPE. Or, put your name and phone number on this tape. If all identity is stripped from your case, you have this to show. If someone steals it and rips off identity tags, you can show the police officer the inside tape…

    To be sneaky about the tape, put your phone number on the STICKY side of the tape. Nothing is on the surface side of this tape.

    Tip #4
    Put your phone number on a 2” x 1/2” piece of fabric or plastic sheet. Use colored Duct tape, such as black or red or neon, to tape this message to the top side of the handle. This message is under the tape hidden from view. The lettering does not touch the sticky part. Wrap it 2-3 times. Also include Tips 1,2,3 above. If you need to prove identity of the case, just unwrap it and show.

    4 ribbons
    1 designer ribbon
    colored taped handle
    stencil spray paint a stencil letter or number or word to the suit case surface in addition to using all the ideas here.
    Stencil spray paint a letter to the top ribbon.
    Use ribbons that are wider or more narrow than 1”.
    Put a travel sticker on the case……..

  4. Can't wait for me an my wifes first trip to Hawaii going first class got to make my first-time plane trip special lol

  5. It looks like you two had a great flight over to Oahu. There were seats that were empty in front of you so, I take it this flight was not full. I am glad your two ha your masks on to protect you from other people. I hope that when you two flew back home that your return flight was the same. Well, continue to enjoy flying to Hawaii from L.A.

  6. What QR code where you talking about? And also where did you get tested so you did’t have to quarantine? Love you content by the way lol ❤️

  7. How's tourism there with travel restrictions ? Are restaurants & non-essential places in Hawaii open with full capacity?

  8. I’ve been there several times to visit friends and the thing I remember the most, oddly, is how Hawaii smells. You go to LA or NY or any major city and there’s this industrial scent in the air. Hawaii smells like the ocean, flowers, and salt in the air. I can’t quite do it justice, but once you’ve been you recognize it. The sky is bluer there than anywhere on the mainland. The food is incredible. It’s such a beautiful and special place. I know it’s not perfect, and there’s a lot of drawbacks to living there, but the pluses far outweigh the minuses. If money was no object, I’d live there.

  9. Did you say you were cold living in L A ? ‘What”! I don’t know what you would do if you lived in Canada in the winter you would never survive it!🇨🇦 l love the winters here!👍

  10. My husband and I are relocating to Oahu for his job with the county , we stumbled upon your YouTube channel , I made my husband sit down and relax and watch you two . ADORABLE ☺️……. you two are . We have been married 34 years and in this crazy world you two swell our hearts with the love and energy of your inner child and enjoying life . Thank you. Hugs to you both . 🌸💜

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