Flying to Hawaii during Covid-19 | Step by Step Requirements | Hawaii Travel Restrictions | May 2021

Hi guys In today’s video I’ll be sharing step by step our process to get to Hawaii during covid and all the Hawaii Restrictions. I hope this video is helpful and as always feel free to ask any questions (: please don’t forget to comment like and subscribe xoxo

Updated video I did to answer all your questions (Part 2 to this video) :

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  1. Hi great video I was just wondering do you also have to take the covid-19 test when you get back home? Me and my friend are from Phoenix and are going to go to Hawaii on October 10th should I take the test on 7th or 8th in order to get my results in time? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. I really needed this info! NOt going until December 2021 but was gonna cancel since it seemed so stressful! Thanks and wish me luck!

  3. How was the process flying back? Did they require another covid test? If so where do you recommend getting one on the island before coming back to LA?

  4. Been flying to Oahu every year but haven’t been for 2 years since Covid to be with family for Christmas & new year’s we fly out 1 week of December 2021 stressed out about all the testing.

  5. Great video! How did you download your test from mychart CVS, I don't know how to get it to pdf so I can upload it to safe travel hawaii account?

  6. hello thank you for making this video i just had one question, do we still have to get a negative test result if we are fully vaccinated? or can we just upload a picture of our vaccination card?

  7. Don’t come to Hawaii right now- we are going on lockdown! No hospital beds available. Local folks are tired, burnt out and angry. No aloha to spare right now- kala mai.

  8. Hi thank you for the step by step. Do you submit your test results & QR code on the app of your flight when pre checking in for your flight so you can get the wrist band or do you do that while at the airport?

  9. Thanks for all this info that has me so stress. But I have a question ⁉️
    Do you also need a QR code for kids o is it just for adults? Help please

  10. i did the cvs covid test on wednesday and got my results on thurrsday. but they still havent charge me. why is that?

  11. I wanted to say how easy it was to upload our Vaccine Cards and fill out the Health Questions online. We did it in steps and this morning before checking in with Southwest I filled out our Health Questions and we have our QR Code and original Vaccine Cards. It helps to have a copy of your reservation, your ID and original Vaccine card and are ready to go. We arrive 4 hours before the flight just to avoid any stress!

  12. Just went thru travel requirements with Hawaiian AL. As long as you did everything right, they just wave you right through

  13. Yes, your video was extremely helpful, thank you! Can you tell me where you went and which hotel you stayed at and would you recommend it. I have never traveled to Hawaii before and I am planning a trip but I am clueless about where to go and stay. Can you help me?

  14. this video was so helpful thank you so much for posting it. my husband and I will be traveling for our honeymoon to hawaii and Im so happy I stumbled upon this video

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