Going to Hawaii soon? WATCH this video! Travel Restrictions UPDATE

If you’re traveling to Hawaii soon before June 15th and are island hopping, this video pertains to you!

Hawaii Governor David Ige to ease travel restrictions starting June 15 once Hawaii reaches a 55% vaccination rate amongst its citizens. At a 70% vaccination rate Hawaii will remove the mask mandate and travel restrictions!

Make sure to visit travel.hawaii.gov and create an account with your test results uploaded within 72 hours prior to your arrival on hawaii.

**If you don’t have medical insurance, you can get a free COVID test at any CVS or Walgreens by clicking here and scheduling a test:



**If you do have insurance, present your card wherever you get your test done whether it’s CVS, Walgreens or any other site. It’s not guaranteed your insurance will be accepted at sites other than the retail pharmacies but it’s worth a try.

Hopefully this information has been helpful, enjoy your vacation to Hawaii and make sure to plan and budget accordingly for your vacation to hawaii.

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  1. Hey guys. How long did it take you to receive the QR code from Hawaii after you uploaded your negative test results?

  2. traveling there in September and i just heard the news that Hawaii no longer require covid test if you island hop. That's great news !

  3. Would I have to take a second covid test if I have a connecting flight from HNL to LIH? It's a 3 hour layover in HNL. But after June 15, this wouldn't apply anymore, even for connecting flight, correct?

  4. At 60% vaccination rate, is it only US vaccinated travellers that will be able to enter Hawaii without a covid test? Any info about international travellers (i.e. your friendly Canadian neighbours :)?

  5. Seems like hawaii is going back to normal soon 🙂 not planning to go this year, but keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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