Hawaii hotel industry struggling to bring workers back

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) released a report on Thursday, Jan. 21, that projected Hawaii hotels would remain below 50% occupancy in 2021. The report also showed only half of the hotel workers employed in 2019 going back to work in 2021.


  1. gooberment made it so everything was dependent on the tourist. Now they are crying because no tourist. I guess they never learned to never put all your eggs in one basket. damacrats have been in power way to long. Time to get rid of them all, and get new, and non damacrat, ideas . Most of the hotels are owned by non American companies, so the real money is going out of the country. So many other places treat tourist much better, and are so much cheaper.

  2. I know everyone back on the aina is happy with less crowds, rubbish, traffic, etc….My fear is the economy collapses and locals are forced off island while foreigners move in and buy up everything.

  3. Why would those lazy hotel workers work if there getting pay $1200 in two weeks. No more money for the rail and no more money for the states what’s happening ige!!!

  4. best thing to do is close down all the hotels, stop all tourism & return the land to the hawaiians for the next 100 years

  5. The biggest lesson here is Hawaii is too dependent on tourism, taxes on residents, free money from federal government. There's so many ways the state and county can generate billions of dollars without tourism and taxes. But, that takes creativity, and work, something our governor and legislature is not familiar with. And with two initiatives brought forward this year, Casino in Kapolei and Marijuana, both got shut down by Governor Ige before debate starts. Hello Governor, Casinos are legal business, and marijuana is everywhere in Hawaii. These two measures alone could generate millions if not billions for Hawaii. And what about the Powerball Lottery? I would spend money into the Powerball, and so would 80-90% of Hawaii residents. More millions a week for the state.

  6. To think if they didn't strike for a pay raise the hotels would have been able to afford them to stay employed longer.

  7. Support the small business! Keep the local people in business they don't own these hotels. Stay local people!!!

  8. Just wait a few more days. There are thousands from central and south America on thier way. Border states would love for you to come get them.

  9. yea so this is a new story of the same version perfect nikki I'll take positivity and pleasure just say please cool

  10. Ask Biden for money so you can give potential touists 500 in Cares act discount for Hawaii Hotels, you did it for the food industry. Why not the hotels too. Haawwww… No tell me that was a food industry kickback. You gotta be fair right.

  11. I hope those are old videos of people not wearing masks. All of this is moot if they are not using masks today.

  12. Daily room cleaning doesn’t make sense. Less interaction > strangers cleaning your room every day that are also cleaning everyone else’s room. One person could then either have it or pick it up in a room and spread it to every room they clean. This doesn’t make ANY sense.

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