Hawaii Safe Travels Explained (Travel to Hawaii during COVID + Our Experience)

****UPDATE: The Safe Travels program with end after March 25, 2022

This video breaks down everything you need to know about Hawaii’s Safe Travels program, so that you can visit the Hawaiian Islands. We share the current process you have to go through, and our experience visiting the Hawaiian Islands.

00:00 Hawaii Safe Travels Explained
01:15 What do I need to do before traveling to Hawaii in 2021
02:26 What if I’m not vaccinated?
03:15 Can I travel to multiple Hawaiian Islands?
03:51 Do I have to be vaccinated to travel to Hawaii?
04:32 Should I bring my vaccine card to Hawaii?
04:52 What is it like to check into a hotel in Hawaii?
05:08 Do Airbnbs or overnight rentals in Hawaii require vaccines?
05:19 Do I need a vaccine card to go out to eat?
05:48 Are there mask mandates?
06:09 Should I travel to Hawaii in 2021?

Latest information from Safe Travels website (November 2021Changes)

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Hawaii Safe Travels