Hawaii Travel Restrictions: Your Vaccine Exception Program Questions Answered

In this video I answer your most frequently asked questions about Hawaii’s Vaccine Exception Program. The travel restrictions Hawaii has can be confusing and I hope that this video will provide the answers you are looking for.

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Question of the day: What Hawaii restriction questions do you have that I can help answer?

0:00 Intro
1:31 What do I need to participate in the vaccine exception program?
2:56 I uploaded my vaccination documents on Safe Travels, but it couldn’t be verified. Does this mean I cannot travel?
3:08 How can I check to see if my vaccination card was uploaded?
3:27 What does it mean to be fully vaccinated and when will I be eligible to travel?
4:02 I have received a vaccination exception. Does this cover my unvaccinated children who will be traveling with me?
4:26 What is the option for travelers who fly before being fully vaccinated?
4:47 If my flight is delayed, do I need to enter new trip information in Safe Travels and do I need to upload my vaccination card again?
5:20 Will I be asked to show anything upon arrival?
5:47 What if the name on my vaccination card doesn’t match my identification?
6:12 What if my first shot was Pfizer and my second shot was Moderna? Is this allowed and does it matter the length of time between shots?
6:27 Am I required to participate in the Safe Travels Vaccine Exception Program?
6:54 I received my first dose in one state and my second dose in another state. When I upload my vaccination document, which state do I select?
7:07 What if I received my first vaccination in another country and my second vaccination dose in the U.S. Do I qualify for the vaccination exception program?
7:25 Are passengers arriving from international locations eligible to participate in the vaccine exception program?

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