Hawaii travel tips, 8 things you need to know!

Whether you’re finally taking that vacation of a lifetime, or you are moving here for good… Here are 8 things about the Island of Oahu that you need to know! My good friend Ty makes his first appearance on my channel to help set me straight.

For those that are sticklers for pronunciation!

Ocean safety, know before you go!


  1. I watch a ton of travel videos. I like to get the feel of a place before I go. This is by far my favorite so far. I started Oahu videos a little late because I didn’t know I was going. I can’t wait for the slower pace that I hope I find there. What do you think of the Polynesian Culture Center?

  2. Aloha, I was wondering if you could recommend how we could keep our valuables safe while visiting the beach? In this video, you say don't leave anything in the car and also provide a good explanation, however I've also been told not to take it with us to beach because it wouldn't be safe while husband and I are swimming. Please let me know what you think.

  3. Brilliant video. lots of fun and definitely highlights Oahu very well. Can implants such as us be allowed to use a little Pidgin? At the very least, allow a shaka when merging in traffic. 🙂

  4. I’ve been to Hawaii on March 9,2019 and it looks just like San Diego but the Polynesian shows we’re really fun 💗💁🏻

  5. Hahaha so funny AND helpful! 😀 "orange fingers and a car door!?" 🤣 I'm coming to visit Oahu in 3 weeks with my husband who's never been. It's been a very long time for me!

  6. On the topic of sunscreen… please wear it.. otherwise you give us locals a good laugh with a few ‘ho da mainland lobsta’ jokes LOL

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