Hawaii Travel Update: Hawaii Governor Allows Each Island to Make COVID Rules #shorts

Hawaii’s Governor Ige announced today that he is ending statewide limits on restaurants, bars, gyms and other social gatherings. He also announced a routine to normal procedures by having the mayors on each island set COVID restrictions. These go into effect on December 1st.

No change to the Safe Travels program, a vaccine card or a negative COVID test is required to enter the state.

See our website for videos on how to complete Hawaii’s Travel testing program.

See the full news conference here by Hawaii’s Governor Ige:

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  1. So i messed up when signing up for Safe Travels with entering my phone number now it wont let me get past that. What can i do? Will it give me another chance in 24 hours?

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  3. Jordan you are the BEST! Erica’s laugh at the end is cute too. So will this stop people from island hopping? I think it might

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