Hawaii Travel Vlog 2021 (Maui)

I’ve always wanted to make travel vlogs, ever since I started YouTube. This is my first one, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Some background info on this trip – in 2020 we had a trip planned for Montreal, Canada, and another trip planned to backpack in Europe. Traveling is one of our hobbies, so we wanted to do something big to celebrate Dorv graduating from medical school. Well, everything got canceled (as we all know). We had booked these tickets well in advance too, and were afraid we’d have to cancel, but thankfully things worked out! Maui is a beautiful island, the people are so incredibly kind, and I can’t wait to visit Hawaii in the future to see the other islands!

Apologies for the sound – Maui is so windy the little wind muff on the mic was basically useless haha.


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