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Welcome to Hawaii Walker!
This is a walking tour around Waikiki. As we walk we will see many tourists passing by enjoying the day at Waikiki. There are many shops, name brands, and restaurants.
Enjoy the walk!
I hope your travel here in Waikiki is memorable.



¡Bienvenido a Hawaii Walker!

Este es un recorrido a pie por Waikiki. Mientras caminamos veremos a muchos turistas pasar disfrutando del día en Waikiki. Hay muchas tiendas, marcas conocidas y restaurantes.
¡Disfruta el paseo!
Espero que su viaje aquí en Waikiki sea memorable.

하와이 워커에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

이것은 와이키키 주변 도보 여행입니다. 우리가 걸을 때 우리는 와이키키에서 하루를 즐기며 지나가는 많은 관광객을 보게 될 것입니다. 많은 상점, 유명 브랜드 및 레스토랑이 있습니다.
산책을 즐기십시오!
여기 와이키키 여행이 기억에 남길 바랍니다.


  1. I just looove how u take videos. I don't have to adjust my eyes every now and then cuz the camera wiggles too much lol. If u don't mind answering, what camera is this??? It is so clear.

  2. Wow 😯 another lovely beautiful day 💐 beautifuly AMAZING video ❤️ thanks for sharing this with us giving another a big Big like thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍 see you again take care everyone in there and have a wonderful day ahead 💐
    Luiz here 😊
    Hope keep intouch ❤️💐🎸🤗

  3. Süper lovely walking tour with Beautiful view nice weekend so enjoyed and happy have a great day stay blessed stay connected and cheers 🌹

  4. Such a wonderful and peaceful walk you take me on each time my friend. Can't wait to come to Waikiki to experience this for myself. Have a wonderful weekend. Liked #52

  5. Very nice place and beautiful scenery.
    Your Waikiki walking tour looks so interesting.
    Have a happy weekend my friend…👍👍

  6. Thanks for sharing your videos. I was just there in May of 2021 visiting my daughter. Your videos keep my visit there alive & wanting to go back sooner rather than later.👍👍🤙🤙

  7. THanks for another great vid!
    I think we're going to be there in Sept. Can you tell me, do I need to make reservations for any sit-down restaurant we go to? The state site seems to suggest that because of covid.

  8. hi friend ! thanks for very beautiful waikiki walking !
    i have a quesation . what is your gadget for shooting ? its very clear and active

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