Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Resort REVIEW

My trip to Hawaii from earlier this year.

Back with another resort review. This time of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Beach Resort. My unique way of rating by each category will give you an indepth and precise look at this Hawaiian resort.

***Gosh the audio is so low. Please raise the volume to hear me better***

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  1. My son said he wants to go to Hawaii for his next birthday. I always stay at a Hilton hotels when we travel .. Your video was the first that I’ve watched and I’m completely sold ! Thank you for this review ! ❤️

  2. You're lucky to get a partial ocean view. If you go to Disneyworld and ask for a water view you can end up seeing the pool after you get out of your room. Not what I wanted. When I stayed at the Hilton a long time ago, you couldn't go into the lagoon. Picking pearls can be addicting. Keep in mind you do not have to get them set. That's where it gets expensive.

  3. I stayed there 5 times from 2001 through 2007. Got a govt discount and stayed free twice using Hilton points. Loved staying there. Has a small shopping market across driveway and shops throughout the different hotels. Usually got a personal size Hawaiian pizza for supper. Call ahead and walk over to Market. Has ABC store for necessities or soft drinks and bottled water cheaper than most places. Goid place for beach towels. Free continental breakfast if Gold or Diamond Hilton member. Beware of posted jellyfish signs. Stay out of water when posted. Prices have really gone up. Pearls are fun but getting them set in silver or gold really raises the price. Just take your pearl and run. April is a good time to go. Might see whales Feb and Mar but weather is colder.Summer is really humid. Shop for souvenirs at Hilo Hatties. Trolley stops at Hilton.

  4. Great video, curious what field you work in. What type of conference were you attending? Keep the uploads coming

  5. I went here three years ago and finally three years later today was the day we were going on a plane but stupid corona stopped me 😭

  6. You're in hawaii…and you chose to go to Benihana, dairy queen, and you did a pick a pearl? Why even bother to head to hawaii

  7. were going in april but still deciding which hotel or resort to stay at. We were looking at Turtle Bay as well. Deciding which part of the island i guess.

  8. The Ali’i Tower is more modern and exclusive compared to the Diamond Head Tower. I’ve been in every tower.

  9. I'm going this November, is it worth me renting a car or using public transportation.
    Also the parking at this hotel is $45 a day

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