Hostel in a Cave | First Experience | Best location in Jerusalem Israel | Ravi Telugu Traveller

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Welcome to my channel one and all. The idea of this channel is to share content from all over the world in Telugu and this endeavor seems to be getting some traction. I want to mix travel videos, along with daily lifestyle vlogs and other kinds of content as well.

Super duper excited to be back in Israel after a few years gap. Now that we are in the Covid times, travel has changed with various extra rules and regulations bt travel remains as exciting as ever. One more trip to beautiful Israel….My journey from USA all the way to the heart of Jerusalem. My first experience in a hosetl and it did blow my mind coz of the location of the hostel. Hope you get an idea of how effective this hostel is in terms of ocation.

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Video Tags: Hostel in a cave | First Experience | Best location in Jerusalem Israel | Ravi Telugu Traveller

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  1. The greatest explorers of all time…

    1.Marco Polo

    2.Vasco Da Gama

    3.Christopher Columbus

    and here comes the greatest explorer of modern times…

    RAVI PRABHU…Bravo Bhayyaa…

    Entha manchi vaadavayya chandamaama…

    Ninnu choosi pongipoye Travelamma…😂😂

  2. చాల బాగా చూపిస్తూ వివరించారు

  3. Thank u Ravi I wouldn't seen these holy places in my life time by ur grace I got a opportunity to see these holy places God bless you

  4. Hi Ravi, thank you for giving us a journey into, the past , the present the culture, the food , the lives of people , importance of the place and the experience no book can give . Consider sharing a summery of the costs to help those interested to plan a trip. Wish you more journeys n memories .. PC

  5. Sir miru navvuthu matladatam chala bagundi inthakalam mundu eppudu mi videos lo ila chudaledhu continue cheyandi sir good luck gopi from Karnataka

  6. Hello Bro Ravi, Thank you for doing these videos . Your videos are so informative. Hats off to your efforts 👍. Would like to request Holy water and powder from rock (so important for our family). Please do consider.

  7. Adrustam kaanekaadu only nee manchithanam. Character in you shows how you were raised bro. Respect to your parents 👆🏽🙏

  8. Memu Israel vellina choodaleni places choopisthunnandhuku thank u babu. May God Bless you 🙏

  9. Wow…goosebumps excited to watch..edo suspense movie la …too good sir. Tq so much for this great place's view

  10. These are very old cave houses now used as hotels, hostels.
    Glad that they installed all modern amenities inside the cave dwellings.
    I spent 3 days, nights in a cave hostel.

  11. Armageddon place and world 3 war jargaboye dhani gurinchi oka video chestey mee chaneel ki super name vasthadhi

  12. Super anna,great to have a Telugu guy like u showing all incredible places. Claps😅👌👌👌👌

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