Hey guys!! Today I’m getting into all the details on how to budget for a trip to Hawaii, or ANYWHERE! I went to Maui a few weeks ago so I’m giving you all my tips on how to budget and save some money! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. You guys!! I have been such a scatterbrain lately! I mentioned in my video that we saved $600-700 on our rental car insurance. I don't know where I got that obnoxious number from lol I was thinking about $100 a day while filming and then realized that was too much and looked up the price online! We saved $200! Still amazing!

  2. The first thought that came to mind in regards to myself was

    Why budget a trip to hawai’i if you have always lived here XD

  3. Hi! Sorry if you mentioned this already, but did you also book your flight a year in advance when you booked your hotel? Thank you! 💕🌸

  4. hi lacy m, thank you so much for this video!! would you recommend to open a credit card towards flight point one year before booking the flight meaning you’ll actually be going on the trip in two years?

  5. New subscriber 🙂 I’ve been to Maui twice and love it!! Greece is also AMAZING. We honeymooned there ❤️ Awesome tips! So much more enjoyable when you budget and don’t have to worry too much on your trip. Love to travel and it’s worth every saved penny 😊

  6. These are some great tips lady! I did not know about the rental car policy. Now all I need to do is plan a fantastic vacation somewhere, lol 😉

  7. omgosh your hair is so pretty and shiny! It's gorgeous as always but AH! Love it! But that's so smart using the card points for travel, I've got to talk to my hubs about this!

  8. These are genius tips girl!! I would have never thought of most of them! Definitely going to keep them in mind for future trips!

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