How to Travel Hawaii Ridiculously Cheap! Budget Travel Tips

My best tips on how to travel in Hawaii super cheap!
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How to Travel Hawaii Ridiculously Cheap! Budget Travel Tips


  1. Gabrielle, I noticed you chose the island of kaui and oahu. Are those your favorites outta the hawaiin islands for camping. What are your thought on Maui and the big island?

  2. "no hotel"
    boom there is a few thousand right there but satisfaction not good enough im personally staying at a resort :p

  3. You can also use couchsurfing, you only have to pay once to use it which I think is a little over a $100 bucks, and after you pay that fee, you can do all the couchsurfing you want for free. Down side is, it can be sketchy and dangerous, but I've heard some pretty good reviews from people who have used it. I plan on using it myself when I go and travel. I'm definitely going to be stepping out of my comfort zone.

  4. I get confused with all of the island names! I’d love to see Maui (heard it was good) but I want to go to Honolulu as well. I work for an airline so I fly standby and I was thinking of non-Reving there and buying a ticket back (they are less than $200 right now!). Camping sounds good, I could bring my stuff, but may rent car if I get a good price. Not exactly sure where I want to go (I want to see ALL of Hawaii) but I want to choose one island and spend about 3 days and make it a little less expensive than it would normally be. Wish I had friends to crash with there.

  5. Nope, no, not for me. If i go to Hawaii it wont be on an extreme budget. If an extreme budget is for you than you really have no business going to Hawaii in the first place.

  6. For all the people saying these practices are not safe. This is why its called “adventure traveling” and it really adds excitement to the experience and can make for some amazing memories!!!

  7. I think I would love going to the grocery store, farmers market and riding the bus. Do that and staying in a hostel I would save enough money to splurge at least once on a fancy dinner!

  8. Comment section filled with bums using Mickey D's free WiFi to surf YouTube wanting to know the best way to be a bum in Hawaii…hahaha…trust me there are are plenty of bums on the islands already…they don't need anymore… Remember, this guy says he lived there for 6 months before so he has an understanding of what it's like on the islands but if you've never been good luck because you'll most likely be fucked trying to figure it out on your own and the "locals" won't help you regardless of what this dude says especially if they see that you're trying to bum it while you're there… trust me when I tell you there's more homeless people there than people that live in homes with jobs trying to scrape by…

  9. How much did he say the Polynesian hostel was a night. I played it 3 times I can’t understand him. If it’s 23 dollars a night that’s 690 a month you might as well get an apartment but I’m looking at it from the aspect of living there

  10. Gabe, thanks for the info! Just bought a ticket for November 2018, gonna solo it! If you could give more info on Kauai that would be helpful, and where do you keep your personal items when swimming or away from camp?

  11. So pretty much be homeless during your vacation, i guess i still have a chance to travel to Paris and Rome one day 😂!
    I did enjoy your vid though.

  12. I’m from Australia looking to travel to Hawaii. I’m very adventurous and love cliff jumping and surfing and just the ocean in general. What’s a good place in Hawaii to go to for an oceanfun loving adrenaline junkie?


  14. Hey do you have any tips for camping on other islands? Thus far, it looks like they are all costing like $20 to $50 bucks, though I did find the $3 campsites on Kauai's beachfronts. Thanks for this vid man!

  15. When I lived in Florida I saw more than one Cuban climb those trees without safety equipment and get to coconuts by hand. Barefoot at that.

  16. It's nice to see a Hawaii one! Yes, good tips! Did all of them myself at one point or another during 5 years there!

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