1. Thank You for your informative video Tori. One question. Do I still have to have the test if I have my CDC Vaccination card?

  2. So helpful! Thank you, Tori! Made so much more sense when the airline requested – – – It is now July and still need to go through that website. Just what I needed!

  3. Hello I live in San Jose Ca taking Alaska air to Hawaii, so I have a question about my up coming trip in July so I Arrive in Kahulu/Maui at 10:25am so when is a good time to take my COVID-19 test. I would be going to CVS to take it when should I schedule it, this is my first time going. Julie

  4. If i have an hour layover in HNL before OGG– do I need to enter the flights on the safe travels site as JFK to HNL then HNL to OGG, or just JFK to OGG (final destination)?

  5. So does the time difference taken in affect for the 72hours? Because I’m flying from Austin to LAX then to hawaii

  6. For what it’s worth, I understand how complicated this sounds but trust me, it’s really not. All of this took me less than 10 minutes on my phone, just make sure you get the test done 70-71 hrs before your DEPARTING FLIGHT, my wife and I leave for Hawaii tomorrow and we can’t wait!

  7. Thank youuu so much this is so helpful! you explained this so well I have been searching for step-by-step VDO for months! Thank you!

  8. Thanks so much for the video 🙂 so for Honolulu they didn’t have to test you again after you arrived correct? I hear some other islands are doing it so I’m scared

  9. So I have a flight on April 14th at 9am. when do you recommend I take the test? The 10th or 11th around 8? Thank you!

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