How to Travel Tulum CHEAP | Tulum Mexico Travel Vlog

Tulum Beach is not exactly cheap… In fact, it’s probably one of the most expensive areas in all of Mexico. So we decided to challenge ourselves in this vlog to figure out how to travel Tulum cheap. We found that Tulum’s town area was pretty reasonable and somewhat at the same price point as other tourist areas in Mexico, but Tulum’s famous beach road (the part you always see in all those travel Instagram photos) is a whole different story! So since I had a hard time finding places that fit within a budget when I was researching our Tulum travel, I figured I should share some of our discoveries with all of you! Some of the places featured in the vlog include:

Selina – hostel/hotel on the beach (also has a communal kitchen and coworking)
Clan Destino – burger joint with a free cenote
Eufemia – the cheapest place to enjoy taco/beer/beach club with NO MINIMUM spend
La Zebra – swanky on-the-beach dining at a reasonable price… and the BEST tres leches
The Store – the not-swanky convenience store (aka very cheap) for when you realize you spent too much at all the other Tulum spots

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  1. Would you kindly share in what website you found that price of the Selina Micro rooms 🙏🏼❤️ I am newly weds and we appreciate the savings. Thank you!
    Great page!

  2. Can you please let me know the beach you guys in the video? I love the water with sand. I’m staying at papaya playa project beach has slipper rocks I hate it.

  3. Question: I noticed you posted this video in January. Did you actually visit Tulum I. January? I’m asking because I’m going this January. Great video, and so informative. I appreciate that. Thanks! 😃

  4. Thank you for sharing this helpful information. I just need to ask where is the location of Selina, and Eufemia? are they North, Central, or South of Tulum?

  5. Nice video. Thank you for all the tips. Beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Tasty food. Not expensive accomodations. Nice palapas situated right across the beach. Thanks again. No wonder some called it one the best places in the world.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! I'll be in Tulum staying in town on a budget next month but definitely want to do at least a day at one of the beach clubs!

  7. I enjoyed your video, excellent info. Selena will be out next hotel/hostel in our next trip to Tulum. Thank you!

  8. Haha love this, I wrote a blog on tips and tricks to save money, it’s sooooo expensive isn’t it 😂😂 I stayed in Selina too! ☺️ I’m thinking of going back to sleep in a tent! Love the video xxx

  9. I loved this. You guys are the cutest. Where were you in the into scene?The wooden cave looking background.

  10. Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed all the great information you gave. Did you guys have to get covid tested before flying back home. Can you give some info in that please. Thank you..

  11. hey! can you post some more footage of Selina?? Looking to stay there later this year! Also lmk if you know of any other good hostels 🙂

  12. This was Ari’s favorite so far since he just learned about the Cenotes and the Carribean sea. He was so happy you were in a cenote.

  13. Mexico has 1.64M COVID-19 cases with 141K death that it’s number 13 in the world. At this moment, they don’t require quarantine when foreigners visit there. I don’t feel safe to travel Mexico.

  14. The beach there looks amazing!!!…We will go there at some point when we get to Mexico but definitely not to stay there its just out of our budget but I need to walk that beach!!…Thanks for the video…Viv

  15. I really enjoyed your video. 👍🏼
    Great channel. ⭐️⭐️
    Greetings from Albania. 👋🏼🇦🇱

  16. AmmmazzzinG, loves 😉 💖
    p.s: 100 pesos / night for tenting right on the beach in Mahahual 😉 🌅🌴

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