1. The most annoying thing to hear is when one individual does something stupid and mean and then people take away from it the lesson “our society is so sick”. Like no, that one person is sick lol.

  2. How embarrassing for the world to know what you both did. Even more embarrassing for these teens, is that they were described on other channels as being in they’re late 20’s and early 30’s! 😂

  3. I think they should be banned for life it should matter that they are teens either pay a fine or ban them

  4. Why did they only interview white people….. could they not find any natives that might care…?

  5. That teen needs to stop destroying sculptures , stop wearing clothing like that , and find a diet to keep her mind occupied. THE NEW ENTITLEMENT ERA. GOD I HOPE I DONT LIVE TO 75.

  6. The pretty girl recording should rethink who her friend is, like her friends size is the same as the equator

  7. Ya, but aren’t sand-castles supposed to be temporary, ie. enjoy it, then destroy it or the environment will. Next time, use mortar aaaannnddd sand. Haven’t we learned that over the past 6000+ years?

  8. What a despicable act, watching the girls destroy the sculpture was awful, they showed so much contempt. I guess they are devoid of talent and feeling worthless.

  9. “Turns out she’s a teen aged girl!” 😆 oh no not the teen aged girl again! And the hotel conveniently has a dedicated camera on the sand structure 😂.

  10. I’m so mad, I sincerely hope these dumb girls read all the comments and are deeply hurt and overthink their actions and will eventually become half decent adults one day..

  11. "After going over a barrier." Not before. The sand head is clearly off when she throwing the pillow. Yea, I'm that person 🤣

  12. You never know within whom evil lurks in their heart. Imposed discipline usually encourages self discipline. Adolescents need instruction that there are serious consequences to ones actions especially when those actions of evil intent affect the emotions of the common people everywhere. People like this need to be excluded from owning a gun.

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