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Kauai – it’s the mellowest of all the main Hawaiian Islands and the perfect vacation destination for travelers wanting to unplug from 21st-century crazy and reconnect with timeless calm.

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For centuries, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai has been soothing the souls of all those who’ve walked its shores, forests and valleys. If you’ve been searching for a vacation destination to calm your 21st-century nerves, Kauai could be just the spot for you.

Besides an abundance of #tropical #beaches and legendary waves, Kauai serves up a rich banquet of Polynesian culture, jaw-dropping scenery and unforgettable sunsets. So whether you’re a beachcomber, surfer, hiker, or honeymooner, check out our travel guide and start planning your Kauai itinerary today.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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0:00 – Kauai
1:38 – Hanalei Valley Lookout
1:52 – Limahuli Garden and Preserve
2:10 – Hanalei
2:27 – Kilauea Point Lighthouse
2:45 – Kapaa
3:34 – Lihue
4:27 – Hanapepe
4:41 – Waimea
4:53 – Waimea Canyon
5:16 – Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park


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  2. this island is beautiful but I wish I had been there when O'O birds were still singing on this island in a loving duet or at least when the last male O'O called for a mate who would never come but he didn't know the island lost its most beautiful a singer by stupid people

  3. i think there is something really important about Kuawai and Waimeai Canyon. sacred somehow to somebody idk

  4. Oh expedia. You are our only salvation during this pandemic….. your videos are the only travels that we can enjoy……

  5. I visited the Na Pali coast from the outlook at the top of the mountains. I waited for the clouds to clear and saw the jaw-dropping view. A must see.

  6. Hawaii Kauai is very natural island , green wild so broad , I believe if people go there , they spirit be very comfortable .

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