Mauna Kea Beach Hotel | Best Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii?

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The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is one of the best hotels in all of Hawaii- it’s been near the top since it opened in 1965. We stayed using 70,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for a free night, and stayed as Titanium members. We received a nice upgrade to a beautiful ocean front room, which you’ll see in the video. Check out the full grounds, the Mauna Kea Beach golf course, and the tennis courts, as well as a sneak peek at the Westin Hapuna, which you can visit and dine at during your stay.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Property Tour
05:37 Room Tour


  1. Hi, I stayed for free 4 nights at this magnificent hotel in 1989, I used to work for Westin hotels, I highly recommend it, beautiful place. 👍

  2. Information only .
    I lived on the Big Island in the years 1977 to 1980 .
    I was doing construction work in Waikaloa .
    What was remarkable about the Mauna Kea
    Hotel is that this was where the famous actor Rock Hudson lived with his gay lover in those days of Pre HIV .
    I do believe also that this is where he was living when he passed away .
    Shame in that so many people lost their lives because the did not use safe practices.
    But during the times I was there , it was a Magnificent resort on the Central cost of the Big Island , with Kona to the south and Parker Ranch to the north
    Opposite side of the island was Hilo, and South Point which is the southern most point of the US.
    SP is on the same latitude as Mexico City.
    I can recall standing high on the cliff on SP and being very very clear , seeing small individual sqawls over the Pacific where you could see the rain falling and occasionally the blowing of Whales as they swam migrating from island to continent .
    then with the help of a large telescope we had , you could see the Tahitian islands far far off .
    Unbelievable really .
    Now in 2022 who knows was can be seen as things have changed so radically.
    Thinking to myself standing there you can so easily see how totally small and insignificant a person is in the absolute middle of the Pacific Ocean and how little you really are and matter not in the Big Picture of life on this planet .
    I must say any person who has not experienced this is, and has an ego thats
    tells them of their overall importance , needs to go there and experience that view and reflect upon all of the various components involved , then without doubt you will behold a life shattering wake up as to how small and insignificant and worthless that they are when in the totality or the reality of our true existence and the Habitation wherever we have chosen to reside ,
    When that locality presents itself in such a dynamic and observable consequence.

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