My Horrible Hostel Roommate

Day 5 in Amsterdam! aka, the 5th night of staying in Hostel. For the most part it’s pretty great. At such an affordable price, it makes traveling feel guilt free.

I’m currently traveling in Europe for 2 weeks. I am stopping in The Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway. In this vlog I stayed in the Generator Amsterdam Hostel. Interested in staying there? Check it out here:

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1. Generator Hostel Amsterdam Cafe
2. Raw Food Cafe Amsterdam
3. Amsterdam Ferry across the river IJ (free, by centraal station!)
4. A’DAM Look out
5. Lovers Pizza Canal Cruise

Also the Hostel I am staying in is very clean, and decorate in a trendy and modern fashion. The trouble with Hostels is that you are sharing rooms with random strangers. Everyone is really respectful and quiet, but everyone also has their different schedules of waking up and going to sleep! Which is probably the most difficult part. My roommate kept her light on til 2 AM every night and at first I looked past it, but I started to become frustrated with this habit of hers as it affected my sleep.

My filming equipment!

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  1. I’m in Taiwan, stayed in a few hostels here. People will even leave the light on when they sleep for some weird reason (and snore like a beast if you’re lucky!). My guess would be cockroach paranoia, lol. I wouldn’t say it’s rude, rather that Taiwanese can be very “unknowing” when it comes to considering others boundaries in such situations. I’d put it down to cultural differences. She’ll have no idea it’s bothering anyone.

  2. I stayed in a hostel and had a gal from Germany farting out beer farts through the night smelling up the whole place…💃💨😷

  3. Get a hotel room if you don't like it. When you stay in a hostel you give up total privacy and your right to have a completely dark nd quiet room.

  4. If your sharing a room, you need to be considerate of other people. Keeping the light on like that when there's other people who are clearly trying to sleep isn't polite rly.

  5. You don't NEED to do anything, you are on vacation….but I think if you will sleep half the day anyway (unless you an incredibly packed night) then you should do a staycation. Get a hotel in downtown in your city to let go and change the enviornment and sleep all you want. If you head out of your room at 7 am in a forwign country you can go so far and see more things because you have more time to wait in lines and reroute if you get lost. Just an opinion. I LOVE being up by 7 on vacation and out the door.

  6. If you get bothered by things like that, you need to get a hotel or airbnb. You cant expect people to live the way you do or go to sleep and wake up at the times you do.

  7. Hey, as a non American person I would ask her to plz turn her lights off if she didn't need it ( communicate your discomfort to that person, assuming that people sometimes don't mean to bother others) I do it as part of my culture that prevents me from back biting, also we see it as a way of life in a friendly society… I also noticed from living in the US for a while now that this is not an option for an American because they're so respectful of personal space and they would assume that doing so is a transgression of that person's personal space? …. maybe I'm wrong? But I would love to read peoples thoughts

  8. 5:33 Same!!!! I always want to have a good layout of where I am and I even try getting cafe seats with a good view! I was in Montreal and one great place to go is the Ville-Marie observatory, it's an amazing view of the city with a little bar as well!

  9. Just go & get a life, if you don’t want people putting lights on in a hostel dorm then book into a hotel, why moan & grown , you get what you pay for, you didn’t book into the Hilton hotel, I like to focus on the postive in life not the negative because I like to look forwards not backwards, you asked for my opinion, enjoy your day , one thing for sure, you are very cute

  10. Monica, You're so calm for someone who got interrupted sleep. If it had been me I'd probably have killed the woman with the light, maybe not killed her but been passive aggressive with her.

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