Our Full Time Family Travels Begin! (Hawaii Vlog)

We are back on the road and overseas, 2 years after saying goodbye to Hawaii we are back to show little Hunter some of our favourite spots around the island of Oahu.

#travel #familytravel #hawaii

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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, a travelling van life family who self-converted their dream house on wheels – we now live full-time in our Sprinter van called Cooper as we do a full lap of our home Australia.


  1. НHonestly guys, this just reminded our first holiday with our baby girl. It was challenging at times but best times we had. She is almost 12 now and I miss my little person.

  2. Looking into Hawaii for our next trip with the little one! Where abouts do you stay in Oahu? Do you have a blog post for Hawaii?

  3. Because of this video we are planning to go in December 2022 🙂 You didn't show it in your video, but where should we stay when we visit the island of Oahu?

  4. You guys are the only influencers that don't make me cringe with their kids. Hunter is gorgeous and she looks so genuinely happy!! Her attitude to food is mine too 😛

  5. So happy for your Hawaii homecoming! Just a safety tip for little hunter, it is recommended that her car seat be rear facing for as long as possible. You can put a mirror on the back seat if you’re worried that you can’t see her face.

  6. Hi new to ur channel discovered one of ur videos through Facebook and searched u guys up 🥰

  7. Love it. Was just telling my little family how much I miss hawaii. They feel the same. We got back from oahu like October.

  8. have you ever come to Brazil?? I really recommend Florianópolis, my favorite place… I love watching your videos!!!

  9. A very innocent family🥺😍😘
    That country is beautiful and my daughter is very cute and I wish her a happy future🤗❤
    God bless you always be careful to be happy

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