San Miguel de Allende, Beaches and Hostels in Week 15 of Remote Year | Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Lots of trips happening this week! At the beginning of Remote Year I didn’t think I’d be traveling this much, I thought being in a different city every 4 weeks would be enough exploring and change for me 🙂 BUT I’ve realized that I’ve been enjoying the trips I’m taking outside of our main cities almost more than the cities themselves!

And it’s not because the places we’re going and our setups aren’t awesome…they are. And honestly I like the fact that I can count of having a nice home base when I need it. But getting out of these major cities in each country and realllyyyyy seeing what the country is like, getting to travel a little lower-key, and just exploring has made me feel more alive and excited!

Also, Puerto Escondido is freaking beautiful…hope you enjoy the view of the sunset!