During our last trip in Siargao island, Philippines, We met our Friend Gila Salvador to talk about her incredible hostel project in Siargao, entrepreneurship, woman empowerment and Binibining Pilipinas. An inspiring story for everyone aiming for a new direction in life.

Gila’s Chanel:

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  1. This video was recorded in February, before the Begining of the Covid 19 and any lockdown.

    If you have incredible projects to share with us please contact us 😀 See you soon, take care and stay safe !

  2. sana maganda tlga ung project, wg ung common lng, sayang ksi gagastusan din nman dba. so itodo na sa ganda, wag ung copycat lng. and the ambassador of saving the nature, no use of plastics and clean-up projects. God bless!

  3. Miss Gila Salvador is a firecracker indeed. Such an enterprising woman at such a young age. She'll go further and further the way she's going.

  4. thats its the way we have strongs presidents now pagbabago na ang pinas…we have 7,641 islands only in the philippines..more funs more adventure more explore…

  5. I was there in March before the lockdown. I also fell in love with sairgao. Love to follow the progress or invest.

  6. I was just out there before this whole lockdown thing and noticed this place as I was cruising around. Now I know what's up. Thanks.

  7. Western women moan about inequalities.

    While young Filipino women just get on with it.

    Cos they are freaking awesome.

    I wish you great success with this project.

  8. Uhhhhhhhhh… my favorite YouTubers are back!!! Where have you guys been the past couple of months?! You've made our quarantine time even more miserable because you've left us alone. But it's okay now because you're now back.

  9. You're destroying the natural resources idiot, in life not all is business, better preserve the island natural life u r people is inconsciente what are u doing idiots people

  10. Actually We rank in top 10 on gender equal nations in the world. So gender is not a factor to be successful in the Philippines. We have several female billionaires CEOs, Government Officials, Executives in the country.

  11. Very good project sherlyn, more and more tourist coming soon to tour hostel when they finish..🤗🙏🏊‍♂

  12. Seriously?? Stop screwing up Siargao! leave it alone! keep it organic and let the locals decides what best for their island!

    All you vloggers are just exploiting the island the people
    that lives there!

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