Staying in HOSTELS | 5 Tips to Always REMEMBER!

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  1. Im just watching this cusbits my first time traveling ever and I’m thinking of barcelona and being there alone

  2. An absolute beauty Luke. Blokes with a personality like yours really open up the reasons why its so good to stay in hostels to meet people like you. It epitomoses why we humans are a comunity based race of indivduals who should integrate and meet and enjoy the experience to share one anothers' cultures and to travel to one anothers' countries. A great pity about all the borders though, are they really needed?

  3. Excellent video. I'm trying to plan my first ever trip to western Europe (and plan on going solo) and strongly considering using hostels instead of hotels. I'm in my 60s, am very outgoing and active. My question: how well are older people received in hostels? I know there are no age limits, but realistically, do a lot of older people use hostels?

  4. What do you do about alarm clocks on your phone? I'm worried about disturbing others in the morning as I have trouble waking up without a couple of alarms. I'm staying in a hostel for the 1st time in July for a wedding. My family are staying in other accommodation places.

  5. Don't forget to visit hostels in small town next time 😉 ,It is often easier to get to know other travellers as it is smaller places! We will be happy to welcome you in Brittany!

  6. Thank you for your insights! My wife and I were thinking about using a hostel when we can travel again. It may not be for us, but I think it's worth a try!

  7. Hey Luke because of you recommendation I'm staying at St, Christopher's in Barcelona. I tried to make a reservation for Paris in December unfortunately. I was sold out. As a solo traveler I tend to mix my accommodations which may sound crazy.. Hostel one city, hotel the next. As for this year in December Paris will be my first's hotel for a few day and then hostel ..As usual Awesome tips.. and one more thing I've learned about hostels. Bring a power strip with multiple outlet and everyone will be your friend…lol

  8. This was an excellent video!
    I consider myself to be an introvert and so I need hostels for their ability to force me to get out of my comfort zone. I like to meet new people, but initiating things is not very comfortable for me, so I like that in hostels many people will reach out and say hello, and it encourages me to get out of my shell. No doubt there is awkwardness at first, but the stories and interactions were worth it.
    I've met some super interesting people in hostels.
    And it can actually have a nice community-like feeling, depending on who is in the hostel and the time of day.

  9. This hostel looks very clean and safe! I admit that I rarely sleep in hostels, because I like to be alone… it's easier to relax… But I see that you have some privacy here, so it looks fine to me 😊🙌

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