Student got the most terrible dorm room, but she made it a dream room!

Often young people believe that studying in another city away from their parents gives them complete freedom, the ability to manage their time and choose friends. It is especially cool to live in a hostel where there is fun and mutual assistance. But not everyone can imagine what difficulties a beginner in a hostel can have in reality.
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  1. "the girl, the girl, the girl" why don't you give her name and let her take credit? you should at least link her socials if you're gonna talk about her hard work without even mentioning her name

  2. This Makes Me Feel Like Decorating A Room In My House or Cleaning It, But Then In Just A Blink I Change My Mind.

  3. Guys I am from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and I know that is not a prison cell it’s a old House that kids used to Live with there parents and they draw in walls
    They don’t have mob or something to play so the
    Kid’s used to draw in walls 😀

  4. If I was in that room before the makeover I would cry so badly 😢.But did you see it before it looked terrible. But I can't believe she's made it look beautiful but it would cost alot of money she is very talented.

  5. I love the dorm room before, I would keep it the same but change the unhygienic state

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