The Reality of Work Trade in Hawaii // Expectations vs. Reality

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  1. I want to workaway or wwoof so bad in Hawaii but IM SCARED OF THE BUGS AND SPIDERS!!!!! Someone ease my mind!!! 😩😩😂

  2. what's the acceptance rate on wolfing because I became a member and I just wanna make sure I'm not getting scammed and not getting my invites accepted

  3. Haha, that sucks I'm a single for a reason, I'm a writer, artist, and thinker and that requires a lot of personal time lol.

  4. Hi, do you have any updates on your experience? You inspire me to drop everything and just go to Hawaii to live life!

  5. Do most hosts really not provide meals? I feel like that's a basic expectation when working for free honestly

  6. thanks a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT because i am considering doing wwoofing as a solo black woman and u helped me rethinking some of my ideas 😀 and u are super funny

  7. Hi I’m 18 and looking to do wwoofing in Hawai’i while also attending community college. In your opinion would I have enough time to do both?

  8. Anyone know of anything on the Hamakua coast? I live here and I am seeking a work trade…

  9. Thank you!!! We’ve been thinking about Wwoofing in HI this video gave so much great info!💛 maybe we will meet you one day ✨

  10. The part about woofing solo and being lonely 😭

    I love the big sister wisdom, the video, and your vibe . Thanks!

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