The TRUTH about the cheapest Hotel in Waikiki (Waikiki Central)

We stayed a week in the most affordable hotel in Waikiki, Honolulu. Check out our reaction/review from Waikiki Central and let us know what you think. We’re going to have several more videos about Oahu coming out in the near future, so we hope they are helpful in planning your Hawaii Dream vacation (on a budget)

Waikiki Central Hotel

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  1. Great hotel, had 2 queen size beds because of kids. It's like having your own private apt. It was nice, clean, and they provided great service. Love staying there.

  2. Every time my wife and I go to Hawaii, we look for a hotel like this. Our thought is we don’t go there to just sit in the hotel, we go to experience the culture and explore the area.

  3. That's actually better than the more expensive ones, besides pretty much your only at the room to sleep and shower

  4. Thank you for your video. My family and I were in Oahu and Maui at the end of 2019 and in Oahu we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. I'm not sure how much exactly we paid because my stepdaughter and her husband are great at saving through internet, etc.. but I'm sure the room we got for the 4 of us was much more expensive than your stay. I am a former hotel manager and the Waikiki Central looked pretty decent and I would have no trouble staying there.

  5. Absolutely love these videos and your honest reviews! Going in August and your videos have been a world of help! I'm glad you guys were able to have a beautiful trip and see so many positives in every situation even with the mishaps y'all ran into. I'll be doing my best to take that same positive mind set with me when I go! Hope you two are having a beautiful summer full of adventure! <3

  6. HA! I just came back like 2 weeks ago and stayed down the street from here! So jelous you had a microwave, my place didn't. I hear from some people it is a hard to find aminity. You lucked out.

  7. Fitted sheets: Take the bus to Target. Buy king-size fitted sheets @ $50. Use them for your stay. Take them home as a souvenir!

  8. Thank you for your video, a lot of budget-minded people but want to experience Hawaii will find this video helpful.

  9. Wow! Thanks for posting this & new subbie here. BTW I stayed at the Royal Grove(pink hotel) across the street & it was 65.00/nite in 2006. This hotel is a lot nicer & now cheaper too then the R.G! Did u find cheap airline tickets?? Thanks again- I'll be watching & I also will check out the other channel. Also love Wolters World!!

  10. Aloha! I'm a local and live on Oahu and this is an unreal price for Waikiki. Rooms in Waikiki normally run at around $250/night without resort taxes and fees. Hawaii is expensive. This is a great way to visit the islands and spend your hard earned money on other island activities and tours. The location of the Waikiki Central is right in the middle of all the action and if you still crave the beach views, you can visit any other Waikiki hotel property to eat, lounge, walk about and explore with no problem. Nice informative video.

  11. This video was so informative! I would honestly have never considered a “1 star” hotel, but you really showed that by doing proper research, there are hidden gems out there. Fantastic content!

  12. Doesn’t smell. Feet don’t stick to floor. Clean. Pass!! Two short blocks to the beach. In freaking Hawaii?? Pass+++++!!

  13. Great video. that price was excellent for it being so close to the beach. How was the sound insulation of the patio door?

  14. Very well done and classy job my friends . Y’all found great deal for sure. I would live to jump in the water there lol. I am looking forward to watching the next video:) :). Welcome again to “YouTube” land/world :).

  15. That hotel looks amazing amazing that price! Also, love the added touch of free use of boogieboards,etc. Excellent job on this video!

  16. Nice video and great advice. Do your research and don't put too much stock in the rating system for hotels. People reviews on reliable search sites are better to judge (keeping in mind some of the more popular search sites seem to be suspect in their reviews).

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