Things I LOVE About Hostels

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As you all know by now I absolutely LOVE hostels so I wanted to make sure you all know how awesome they are too!

Here are my reasons for why I LOVE hostels!
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0:33 #1 Hostels are a great place to make travel buddies!
1:10 #2 Hostel events!
2:00 #3 Getting advice from other travellers 🙂
3:00 #4 Free amenities with great locations!
3:48 #5 Hostels are affordable for budget travellers!

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This video includes:
Why I Love Backpackers Hostels
Why Hostels Are Awesome
Why Hostels Are Better Than Hotels
Hostels vs. Hotels
Best Travel Accommodation


  1. Thank you for your top reasons to stay in hostels! We're trying to build the perfect hostel so all tips are more than welcome!

  2. Hi could you do a video on how to be a successful hostel rep? It's the first time I am doing it. I can find nothing on the Internet! It's only for month but I don't know what to expect? Also in terms of making it fun for the guests? Thanks ❤️ love your videos ❤️

  3. You mentioned travelers getting their belongings stolen in hostels, are there any with locked security boxes? There are important documents you have to bring with you when traveling abroad.

  4. We used to work at a hostel and it was one of the best jobs we've ever had! Maybe we'll cross paths some time!

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