THIS was the BEST decision we made!! Oahu Hawaii Travel Vlog

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Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide! Showing you the best tips and spots for your vacation in Hawaii.

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Produced by: Martin Solhaugen
Filmed by: Martin Solhaugen
Edited by: Martin Solhaugen​​​​​​

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  1. New travel vlog from Hawaii! Who's excited for the hawaii vlogs👇🏼 😃 *Dont forget to join us on for FREE on Backstage🍾

  2. I like Kim so muchhh..Happy to see ur company again… yeyyy enjoy guys and keep safe always..Love ate Sue fr.CALi 🌺

  3. I really enjoyed your video. 🤩⭐️
    Thanks for Sharing! 👍🏼 💕
    Greetings from Albania. 🇦🇱

  4. What a beautiful and amazing hawaii thank you martin for sharing this vlog stay safe always🌴🌴🌴

  5. You have an Amazing fiancee can't find any woman like her anymore..She is marvelous..very smart woman..a simple woman!!

  6. Nice to see you again Guys together !! I like video you are together.★(⌒∀⌒)★Saludos desde Tokyo

  7. Yes Martin don't give up whatever you dreamth you have and with your strong will and working hard you are almost or you did fulfilled some of them ! Be what you are honest , caring ,loving and adventurous young man ( but be always CAREFUL with some fun or daredavil jumps or anything risky )and always stay physically FIt … HEALTH is wealth ! "we say enjoy while you are young" but with you is business with pleasure earning while having fun in an honest way ..way to go ! cant wait to see AVE soon with you and Kim that would a BLAST !

  8. Beautiful Hawaii 🌺 I wish we can go back again, been there long2 time ago. Both of you Enjoy your vacay and stay safe always, God Bless you both 🌺

  9. Thank you Martin for bringing me back to this other lovely paradise on earth and nothing is better than to spend such stunning beached, and cliff diving with great company with Kim and Kevin!! Enjoy yourselves as much we enjoyed watching your vlogs!

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