TIPS FOR STAYING IN HOSTELS (+ How to Book & Survive!)

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Here are my top tips for staying in hostels, how to book them and how to survive them! [ ⬇OPEN FOR MORE ⬇ ]
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  1. you find it better booking with the Hostel itself then as far as
    I know no booking fee like with I say this because I had stayed in hostels
    in america and canada etc

  2. Great advice. I have stayed in two different hostels in different countries. One place is perfect for me while visiting the city, stayed 3times. Will return next time in the area. I don't want party environment, just sleep, eat and off to the city. Take locks for lockers, some lockers too small for luggage, also take extension cord for outlets, small flashlight, flip flops ( shoes to wear in the shared shower). Roommates from all over the world are polite. Follow hostel rules. Enjoy the trip.

  3. What makes a bad hostel bad? I just get this picture of sandy sheets, people wandering around at night, hot rooms, and bugs everywhere. 😱 Or is it just like a hotel?

  4. I feel like sex in the same room as other people is probably illegal. I mean that's technically making me a sexual participant without my consent if you ask me.

  5. If you are traveling from one city to the next but something happens resulting in you arriving really late, do hostels stay open until they reach max capacity or do they have a standard closing time? I don't want to pay for a place, show up late and get turned down.

  6. I would like to book for September a room for my self in North U S A and West and Washington city this year to promote my business online with my phone as medium and art work to sell, Steve at 00363)62)8576))

  7. Super useful tips! thank you I have just started with my travel and it has been awesome. Although it's not all happy and exciting. One thing I learned (the hard way) is to bring my own travel sheet/bed liner. I have sensitive skin that even the sheets in the hostels make me itch. argh! It was so frustrating. It was indeed a rain cloud on my travels… Until my friend gave me the Brave Era Travel Sheet for my birthday because probably she got tired of me ranting to her about my allergies. Haha! But damn! it's a lifesaver. It was HEAVEN! First, the sheet was suuuuper soft and it can serve as my shield from itchy sheets and bed bugs too because I was taught the travel sheet can be treated with insect repellent.

    Just adding in to the tips from what I learned… Happy travels!

  8. well i had to leave the light on at 4 in the morning when some slimy guy tried to make a move on me before and after i told him to leave me alone and i wasn't about to leave my roommate there so shrugs

  9. Does anybody experienced know how the following works? I noticed in different booking sites the number of beds left in a dorm differs sometimes by 1 or even 2. Is this an issue? Can it happen that more people book at once at different websites (say there are only 2 beds left) and there is no bed for some of the people that booked? For instance the information doesn't reach the other website in time and the booking is therefore confirmed. Hostelworld claims that their booking is 100% guarantied, does it apply to such a situation as well? Who is responsible for this potential mistake, the hostel itself or the website?
    The question is whether the mechanism of the beds left indicator is controled by people manually or by AI (a program with an algoritm that indicates the beds left on different sites differently with a special purpose, such as that people can't book the last beds at once, so some of the sites lie to prevent the undesired situation)

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