Tips for Traveling Alone ; Hawaiian Vlog

As a young woman with wanderlust, it’s a given I’m going to be traveling as much as possible. A roadblock a women face is the fear of traveling alone. I’ve done it, and LOVED it, it’s so freeing! By request, I’ve made this video to share the rules I live by when traveling alone. At the end of this video I share a short vlog on one of my solo trips, to Hawaii! Enjoy! Safe travels!


  1. For those who have a thumbs down it was awesome a cool trip and a georgious young woman what more could you ask for

  2. Those are some great lies. I'm gonna share with my daughter.
    Ladies! Safety First! The lie is your friend. Use them.

  3. First of all, good for you😊 your sense of self independence is such a strong and good trait, don't ever give it up, even after marriage. With that said, and this goes right to the underlying point in this video, the fact that a lot of aspects of life in general for women, has to be a different standard than it is for men, is sad. This even applies to my opening comment, while your independence is a good thing, why does it needed to be pointed out, if a guy was doing all the things you do, it would be like "meh!, whatever!, he's living his life on his terms". I do have to say though, and it's just, I guess, cause it's the current "reality", my opening comment is intended as encouraging and positive….lol.

    I do have another tip for you though, I don't know if pepper sprays have a shelf life, but you mentioned that you carry one in your purse, that hopefully you never gave to use, but you carry it for a reason and should you ever need it, prob best to make sure it's gonna work.
    Anyway, "you go girl!!!"😊, and 🎄🎁⛄ Merry Christmas😊

  4. I love traveling alone but certainly love meeting new and interesting people along the way. Your own schedule, no disappointments, how you want and when you want! Cheers HG… Loving the videos and the maturity of the edits, you are coming along fantastically!

  5. Is it weird to suggest that you leave an itinerary or let someone you trust know where you plan on going and when you'll be back? That way if you do go missing, and they can't reach you, they can call someone for help and have SOME idea where to start. I know your tips are all preventative and based on other people harming you, and this is more after something happens. I mean, if you're alone and fall down a cliff and lose your phone, it would be helpful, right?

  6. if you are getting an unsafe vibe, call the police station and just talk to whoever picks up until you can get away safely.

  7. Not sure about Android, but on iPhones you can enable an emergency feature. You push the button 5 times and it will dial 911. I'm not sure how it works internationally, if it dials the local emergency number or whatever. But it seems like a good option if you get scared/nervous and are too shaky to unlock the phone and dial.

  8. Wheres all the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a? Be careful around those Honu, you can be fined for interfering with them … and absolutely don't get caught touching one.

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