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When visitng the island of O’ahu in 2022, these 5 Travel tips and hacks will help you have a stress-free vacation and enjoy everything Hawaii has to offer.

From QR Codes to eating cheap, we have you covered. We’ll even let you know where to get any items you might have forgotten and not break the bank.

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  2. Where can I find guides to support local businesses not big corporations I want to make sure my money goes to the local people on the island. If you have a video on this please let me know thank you

  3. Great tips! Do you have any suggestions on the best time/day to go to Giovanni's Shrimp truck? Every time I visit Oahu, I try both Kahuku and Haleiwa locations and the lines are always about an hour long! I always have to end up passing due to time constraints πŸ™

  4. Hello guys !
    We are definitely would love to go to Hawaii.. it’s our dream perhaps will come true someday .thanks for sharing.
    Full supporting from us ,hope your day is wonderful dear.
    New subscribers from us fizah and roman 😊

  5. Hi Gina!! This will be our first time visiting Oahu. Our trip is coming up soon. Feb 6, 2022 staying at Sheraton.
    Can you give us parking tips to save some money? Thank in advance.

  6. Great video, so glad I found it! Will be staying in Ko'Olina in February for 2 weeks. Any suggestions for some quiet or secluded beaches we could visit? We love exploring and looking for some "less known" spots to hang out. Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Gina! First time viewer!!! 😁 Love how detailed you are with this video! I've been to Oahu a few years ago andI love it! Definitely will plan another trip soon. Thanks!!!!😁🌴

  8. Love the tips! And the Hawaiian Cookie shop! Young and I had their cookies at our wedding because we got married just after New Year's. and all of the Christmas cookie packages were on sale. So, we bought a bunch of them and kept them, with Plantation Iced Tea, available for guests throughout our ceremony. πŸ˜€

  9. There is an ongoing promo in our company right now. Dm me now for more details if interested

  10. What a detailed tips for trip to Hawaii. Never been there there before but this video makes me want to visit! Thanks for sharing πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  11. We've never been to Hawaii, but it seems very smart to pre-book. It would be a shame to arrive and discovery you can't do half of what you wanted to do! Great tips! 😊

  12. You’ve definitely taken the guess work out of traveling to Hawaii. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awesome! You made it very clear with the 2 websites for No.1 and Ross has everything!πŸ€™

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