Top 9 Best Cheap Eats in Waikiki Hawaii

The top 9 best places to eat in Waikiki that are tasty and easy on your wallet! Featuring some of the best and cheap Steak plates, Katsu, Ice Cream, Udon, Korean BBQ, Musubi, and Hawaiian Plate Lunches. Scroll down for table of contents.

Cheap Eats Restaurants featured in this video:
00:25 – Steak Shack
00:53 – Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin
01:34 – Henry’s Place
02:36 – Marukame Udon
03:28 – Yummy Korean BBQ
03:56 – Me BBQ
04:18 – Musubi Cafe Iyasume
05:40 – Royal Hawaiian Center Food Court
06:34 – Rainbow Drive In
07:37 – Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
07:57 – Ala Moana Center Food Court
09:07 – Shirokya Japan Village Walk


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  1. Love your videos Chris! We are in Oahu right now and the Blue Water Shrimp is closed at the food court 🙁. We’ve taken advantage of the other recommendations and they are awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Wow! No lau lau!
    Also Kalua pig and Lomi salmon is a must. If you're driving around and are hungry for poke just hit the closest Foodland grocery. Their fish is much better than most and their poke bowls are great. Some even have a bar in the grocery store! Yeah it's weird. Lots of food choices and the bento's there are great for on the go. Plenty Musubi too.. and That's MOO su BEE Not MuSOObi… Might get a few strange looks like What? oh ..
    If you order a say, Chicken Katsu from plate lunch place, you may want to consider a mini plate. Some places really pile it on and unless you are prepared to be totally stuffed a mini is better. Locals always insist on the plate to be overflowing with food. The best compliment for a plate lunch place is, "oh yeah, they give plenty"
    Gotta try all kinds here. The food is great

  3. U did a great job, but (for local kine grinds), I’d probably add a few more to your list: L&L, Loco Moco, Manapua Factory, Zippy’s, Young’s Fish market, etc.

  4. Im sure you have been advise that the best way to say Musubi is the following way: Moo (like a cow) Sue (like a girls name) bee (like a bubble bee) Moo-sue-bee….Musubi

  5. Lived in Hawaii for several years, and Rainbow Drive In was absolutely the GROSSEST place I ever ate out there. Plus there are huge rats running around the tables. DISGUSTING!!

  6. This was mostly Asian places to eat. This should be renamed to places I like to eat. You need to explore a little better than this. For this reason I find this video to be no help.

  7. There’s a food court on The Kuhio side of the International Marketplace that has decent prices. Also $2 Kirin at the bar all day long.

  8. Instead of Shirokiya go to yokocho food court in the basement of 2250 Kalakaua. Similar Japanese style restaurants and central bar with cheap drinks. You can’t go wrong eating anywhere but I highly recommend Ramen at Ono-ya or the Mazesoba at Nin-Nin. Bario ramen is pretty good too.

  9. Yes steak shake been there. it’s really good. Sorry much of been a bad day for Teddy’s. Very bad. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings get the burger. It’s awesome.

  10. Marakame Udon has some insanely long lines. Do not come hungry. There is a HISteaks nook inside Food Pantry that has some great steak-and-rice bento boxes to go for $8-9. You can also order food as in a cafe. And Food Pantry is crazy expensive. I remember seeing a Skippy jar, 16 oz size of peanut butter…Manager's Special-$5.99. WOW!!!! They have some great coconut cake slices on sale for 99 cents. I used to get those all the time for breakfast. Thanks for the vid. Gonna check out Rainbow Drive-In for plate lunch next time.

  11. Thanks for this vid which is super helpful, full of tips. My internal calculator kept adding it all up though 😩. Waikiki can still be expensive even on the cheap/dime, but feasible for large traveling groups.

  12. Thanks for the video. I've lived on Oahu my whole life but I avoid eating in Waikiki because of the prices, even though I do work here. I always have customers asking where to eat and I really can't help them out with a solid answer. I do let them know about the restaurants that you recommended. Great video! If you do come here again try "Pioneer Saloon" it's a great plate lunch place with a pretty good price for the quality and quantity of food you're getting.

    P.S I'm jealous of all the traveling you do!!

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