Travel between Hawaiian Islands – Cost, Transportation and Places To Stay

Getting around the Hawaiian Islands is a once in a lifetime experience. TO see one island is amazing enough, but to see more than one or even all 4 major islands, takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. I made this video to put the Hawaii travel plans into perspective.


  1. I stayed in a couple maui hostels in kahului/wailuku. About 45 a night. But I shared a room with up to 6-8 people. I was quite unsure at first…but it was something I never experienced before. I would do it 100 more times if I could. Westside Lahaina also has hostels for about 100$ each. Also you must present a flight ticket proving you are only visiting for a short time. Cant rent hostels as a local/resident. Tourist only.

  2. Thanks Jeff for all your videos on Moving to Hawaii. Super informative & helpful! – I am from Malibu, California, and my husband and I plan on moving to either Maui, Oahu or Kauai, God willing!. I really enjoy all the education I get from your videos on moving to Hawaii. Our plan is to buy usable, raw farm land like min. 4 acres or more, with ocean views, and build a house with guest house and pool on a large, lush acreage. I am a farm girl and want to have large land to plant lots of fruit trees, organic veggies, raise bees (bee hives) on my new land in Hawaii – be self sustainable and eat off of our land. Do you think that's a good idea? – Thanks Jeff, God bless you! – Lea Johnson

  3. Thanks J, up until now I assumed that you have to land first in Oahu in order to get to the other Islands. We want to visit both Maui and (Kuai?), (Kuaiau?), (Kauia)? …you know what I mean!

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