Oahu is a beautiful island, but it’s not the easiest place to travel on a budget. During our 3 weeks on Oahu, we learned a ton of ways to stretch our money. We put together this complete guide for cheap travel in Hawaii to give you some help when you’re planning and budgeting your trip to this amazing place!



0:00 Intro

0:49 Category 1: Accomodation
Hostels – 1:05
Airbnb – 1:50
Camping – 2:41
Staying for “Free” – 6:20

7:54 Category 2: Travel
Renting a car – 8:05
Turo – 8:42
Bus – 10:45
Hitchiking – 12:22
Other Travel Tips: 12:59

14:01 Category 3: Food

17:15 Category 4: Activities
Snorkelling -17:49
Hiking – 19:47
Visiting North Shore – 20:53
Scenic Drives – 21:36
Pearl Harbor – 22:05
Free Fireworks Show – 22:24



Turo Car Rental:
Oahu camping map:
How to do a Workaway:
Bus schedule app:
Pearl Harbor Free Tour:




  1. Thank you for the video. It was very informative. Do you have any recommendations for campsites that do not require us to check in at a certain time. I hate being on a schedule when i am out exploring. 🙂 Also, your favorite camp sites would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for this video. Planning vacations stress me out when I don't know what to expect, but this video has so much good information that I now feel calmer and more excited!

  3. Malaekahana Beach Campground (not the state park/campground) has the best prices and a lovely beach. Their top shelf Hale Suit cabins are primitive, have a toilet, and bunk style and platform beds. $117 per night for 4 people. You bring everything you need.. sheets, TP etc.. Outdoor showers. Wonderful grounds. Then the prices go down from there. Hales don't have toilets, but the restrooms are easy to get to. Then you have actual camp sites for vehicles and tents. The beach is "right there".

  4. This is amazing info…Im def taking notes. I'm headed there next month. If you know of any Pandemic Rules to be aware of pls let me know

  5. I'm curious – does Oahu not have much of the rat-lung disease that the snails spread? When you popped that fruit in your mouth straight from the tree I had a knee-jerk "NO" moment haha. Over on the Big Island everyone will tell you to scrub/wash your fruit to avoid getting the illness

  6. Omg thank you very much! I plan traveling with my younger sister. Does anyone know if it’s a safe place for 2 young females?

  7. Tourists are expected to spend money. Dont come if you cant spend money. We already have a problem with the homeless coming over and not spending ish.

  8. You guys are Great! Very informative video! I hope you make it big on youtube and get a chance to go back to Hawaii and SPLURGE next time!

  9. You forgot to mention mopeds. I believe those scooters rent for $7 per day. Best way to explore the island on a scooter.

  10. Thanks for creating this video, I would suggest do hybrids of everything you mentioned. Camping you entire trip probably not your best experience, but maybe spend half Camping and half hotel to refresh. Bus and rental for traveling.

  11. How much would you say you would end up spending in the whole 3 weeks? As I was looking at going for about a month.

  12. Question, Probably A Dumb One, Theres No Uber Service There? I’m 5 Months Away From Going And Looking Into Everything.

  13. We renewed wedding vows of 19 yrs. at Outrigger reef on the beach may 2012. You just have to spend the night for the
    beach ceremony free . Of course they had a photographer , we purchased pictures they are beautiful. We spent one night
    the other 8 days another hotel.The Royal Hawaiian Center have free hula shows there. We had breakfast at IHop got discount just show room key. There are Restaurants for breakfast one person eat free pick up magazines on street. Had
    subway, Arbys, Moose Mccuddys have specials on diffrent days . We had micro/fridge in room for dinner we purchased
    food at Sams & FoodLand. We did a grand circle island tour for $60.01 transportation included from 8am-5p.m.
    We were suppose to be in Hawaii this year Virus stopped that so we rescheduled for next year.

  14. I have literally had that panic moment while snorkeling and it was so great to be able to stand up in Sharks Cove 😂

  15. Thanks a lot! Going to Oahu next year and I will keep this movie in mind when as my travel dates gets closer. 🙂

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