Travel Vlog: Flying To Hawaii

Welcome to the first video in our Hawaii series where we hop on a plane to travel to Oahu, Hawaii! In this video we get our first Covid Test and find out what it’s like flying during the pandemic.

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00:00 Our introduction

03:21 Taking a Covid Test

09:13 Arriving at LAX

10:53 Flying to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines

14:30 Landing at Honolulu Airport

Music used in this video:
“Palm Tree Serenade” by Rune Dale
“Waikitschy Beat” by Rune Dale

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  1. Re-watching this series because you two have inspired us to make Hawaii our family's next vacation destination 🙌

  2. funny in Feb. we are flying from El Paso to LAX or Long Beach to catch a cruise to Hawaii 4 stops 12 hrs. at each island and it cost the 2 of us $700 I bought the tickets during pandemic, with insurance the cruise included $200 on board credit drinks during the 15 day cruise and $200 for casino play. I am getting excited for this trip

  3. Don’t come to Hawaii- we have impending shutdown and running out of hospital beds. Not like you can just drive to another state! Could be disastrous for you. Local folks are tired, burnt out and angry. No Aloha to spare- kala mai….

  4. hello ~~ I have plan to go to hawaii on june 10. Thursday .
    Do i take covid test on Monday or Tuesday?
    i am really confusing. please let me know. thank you.

  5. My 4 year old came to me and said “ let’s watch Ordinary Adventures in Hawaii together mom”. So we are watching the one where you flew to Hawaii. She was very upset with you for not bringing your dogs on vacation. I told her you couldn’t bring them and she said”yes, they could have sneaked them in there backpacks “. 😂

  6. It’s crazy how like 5 months later there are vaccines and things are starting to open up. Hopefully in Dec 2021 everyone is getting together with their family and friends

  7. Quick question! We are heading to Oahu from LA to visit some family! Did you need a covid test to come back to LA? We’re taking Hawaiian Airlines too!

  8. We are leaving to Oahu in two weeks and started watching your Hawaii vlogs. We have been before and have received a few Covid tests, but when I watched you get your negative results I got teary. That is my biggest stress!! We have been vaccinated and we are so careful, but still stressed about it. I am loving your videos and so glad you had a great time!!

  9. OKAY! Here's my guess on you guys total cost while on Oahu for 10 days : $3000.00 = Air/Hotel + fees/Car/Gas/Entertainment/Dining

  10. Has anyone heard of CARE CUBE in NYC??? I heard they do COVID 19 testing for travel? Check it out — Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing – CareCube

  11. Do you guys know where we can get a COVID 19 test for travelling? I DO !! Check this out – i found CARE CUBE NYC. Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing – CareCube

  12. While on the plane, the Hawaiian musician you saw on the piano is the famous Robert Cazimero (who used to perform with his late brother Roland and they were called the Brothers Cazimero). The guitarist on the beach in the next scene is Henry Kapono (famous 1/2 of the duo Cecilio and Kapono). They were big on the West Coast, Hawaii and all of the Pacific Basin !

  13. Mahalo Nui loa, for taking all the safety precautions and keeping our island and its citizens safe.

    I am so very happy that you shared this, hopefully other tourists will listen and keep these steps in mind so that Hawaii Does Not have another shut down. Our “Mom and Pop” shops are struggling more then ever to stay open.

  14. Hello… thanks for the information. We are planing to go to Oahu in about couple weeks from now. I am excited. I wasn’t sure if we need to get another test done or quarantine ourselves for another 3 days when we get there or not. according to this YouTuber dude was described in his video. I am so confused. If we get our test done and negative within that 72hr before our departure then that should be good to go right? Please let me know. Thank you

  15. This was so helpful! Thank you for sharing. Love how fun you guys are. What company did you use for your COVID tests? I’m hoping to go to Hawaii as well, but was worried we wouldn’t get our test results back in time. Any advice would be very much appreciated!!

  16. @ordinaryAdventures, did you feel safe to consume food and beverages in the aircraft? How were your neighbors handling COVID safety measures? How did Hawaiian Airlines enforce safety?

    I’m thinking of booking a trip to Oahu but the thought of the plane scares me!

  17. Happy I saw this video because I was worried. We are leaving tomorrow for our wedding/honeymoon and ours still says Verification in Process.. While when we went in Nov it got approved right away.

  18. We are a family of 5 heading there at the end of April. Please share WHERE you got your COVID tests in LA and did your insurance cover it or did you have to pay out of pocket?

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    Go see their channel out and give the friend group a like! 👉 #GoodLuckBadFriends

  20. Where is the place you got the covid test at? I am going to hawaii Feb 9. I am getting nervous my result won't be in within the 72 hours time frame

  21. Liked the video! You should film with the hilarious Bad Friends! Their stuff really are like the Vlog Squad mixed with Faze Rug! Theyre a funny friend group in California.

    You should most definitely see their YT out and give the friend group a like! 👉 #FreeRealBadFriends

  22. My guess is $8,100 for everything. I went to Hawaii with my mom and had a blast. Honestly cannot wait to go back to Disney Aulani 💕 Luv u guys!!!

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