Visit New Orleans – The Don'ts of Visiting New Orleans

New Orleans, The Big Easy is one of the best tourist destinations in the USA. From the historic architecture in the French Quarter, to the parties on Bourbon Street, to the Fun of Mardi Gras, the city has so many things for tourists to do and see. Well, this video goes into the other side of traveling to New Orleans. We are talking about what tourists should not do when they visit New Orleans. From Not Falling for the “I Bet I Know Where You Got Your Shoes” trick, to Safety Issues, to Not Missing Out on All the Great activities, here are the Don’ts of Visiting New Orleans.
Filmed in New Orleans, LA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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  1. yeah your right, but its best to try not an make it obvious that your a tourist, theres people that look for tourist to prey on.

  2. You would be a fun guy to tour with!
    Thanks for the info. Great video. I can't wait for the food, Italian history, and all the museums.

  3. Best time ever with a large group of cousins, we attended the 1st parade Halloween 2021. Many Air BnB’s we stayed at The Dury Plaza, great place-we walked alot or took Ubers/Lyft’s/Taxi’s-best smoked Oyster’s at Acme. I didn’t gain weight because of the walking.
    The area still had damage from previous hurricane. It was a little humid…we all had such a blast and I don’t know why I waited so long to go there! 🎉🎉🎉 p.s. we literally did not sleep much… we all had FOMO 😂😂😂

  4. I was raised in New Orleans/Metairie and moved to Atlanta in my mid 30's. Went back with a work crew years later and one of my co-workers had just turned 21. He decided that he had to do the Bourbon Street thing and I kept warning him to slow down… drinks aren't going anywhere 🙂 He did not listen and about 2:00 in the morning we managed to get him back to the hotel. We were having one last smoke before hitting the bed and I turned around just in time to see him wobble and then face plant right onto the ground. My boss and I were laughing (once we were sure he was ok) and joking that we missed one hell of a pic… just to turn around and he did it again. He couldn't make it to work the next day (way hung over) and spent the next 2 days bitching about how he hated the city. No one told him to go that hard but some people just don't listen when friends tell you to slow down.

  5. You should also probably know if you're going to visit here then when you're in the quarter you should always put your wallet in your front pocket

  6. Where he is looks clean. I live i hour away from New Orleans. I went to mardi Gras one time. I would advise against it. Way to many people and most of them drink alcohol way more then they can handle. It’s trashy. Pick pockets all over the place. You will probably see several fights. . You can’t walk because there is so many people crammed into one place so you will get pushed around in the crowd. You almost have to just go with the crowd. Kinda like treading water in the ocean with big waves. I saw a group of people in the middle of the street. I made my way through the crowd to see what they were looking at. A girl maybe 10-12 years old pulling up her shirt for everybody to see. The crowd loved it. If you are with a girl you just might get in a fight because somebody sloppy drunk walking down starts grabbing at her. You know what I mean. When you are walking you must be constantly watching your back so you don’t get jumped or robbed. Some like it so don’t. Me I will never go back. If you want to go get sloppy drunk very likely get in a fight or robbed and maybe end up in jail then go have fun. If a cop thinks you did something illegal you will be thrown to the ground that is wet with spilt alcohol and pee, vomit and every kind of trash you can think of. Do what you want but you’ve been warned. Oh. There will be homeless people asking you for money so they can more than likely get drugs or alcohol. Traffic is horrible. I could go on but you get the picture n

  7. Travel in groups. There is a certain demographic whose only goal is to rob and rape tourists…..

  8. Fuh real..streets are mostly one way let someone else have that headache……omg the shoe guy can’t stand that shit….and tell them you got them on your feet. It’s hot all damn yr. Don’t be cute and wear high heels an get your skeeter spray out … get a Long Island ice tea 😂😂😂

  9. Please I grew up in New Orleans in the '60s born in the '50s but I have to say something you're talking really too fast slow down a little bit You need to come up for air huh God bless

  10. He said “New Orleans is a fan-tit-stic city” at the end 🤣 I see where your head is at, buddy!

  11. New Orleans has an awesome public transportation system. Also Uber and lyft. Tell em I got my shoes up your a** if you don't get out my way.

  12. This guys dumb everything’s fine. Be safe, treat is like a big city in terms of not being alone outside the night life in an alley while you’re hammered. The only don’t I can give you is shot girls at the bar will lie to you about hey these four shots are on the house bc the guy who ordered them left you want them? You say yes and they literally force them down you and then say ok that will be $140. When you refute she will get a bouncer to try and intimidate you and shake you down. You might be able to talk your way out of paying but you won’t talk your way out of getting thrown tf out. Don’t accept free drinks from staff unless you know the staff personally. That’s it

  13. Pro tip- don’t wear open toed shoes on Bourbon and watch your step. Trust me, just don’t. 🤢

  14. I love your videos and find them
    Incredibly helpful, but the 4k camera would make such a difference!! I appreciate the sound though.

  15. Had the pleasure of enjoying New Orleans when I was a teenager. Got to ride around in a street car, eat beignets, stay in a “haunted” hotel. Lit.

  16. republicans are racist fascist scumbag traitors – make sure your republican neighbors know they are hated every single day

  17. Saint James and Saint Charles is a great intersection for Mardi Gras ended up getting 6 full bags of beads and no flashing required 😀

  18. Ok for locals.. what is a correct amount to tip?? I live in a small rural town in Illinois so I honestly have no idea thanks

  19. “Don’t pee in public” does not apply during Mardi Gras, fyi. Be prepared to see people pissing, sh*tting or puking out in the open or more discretely.

  20. If it isn't Mardi Gras, don't wear beads. Take the stickers that the tour guides give you at the beginning of the tours off right after the tour is over. Please don't buy beads. You can catch as much as you want at the parades. He did a great job of telling you what to do and not do here in the city.

  21. generally women dont pee in public. as for the men, it just shows how badly you were raised.

  22. Couldn’t pay me to visit that crime infested cesspool! Called New Orleans home for 56 years but crime and corruption convinced us to close our French quarter tour business sell our Airbnb property and leave state.
    As a former patrol officer I can assure you that breast are not viewed as being genitalia and you can’t be arrested the penis however will warn you a spot in the National sex offender database if you show it

  23. i dont drink i tried is as a teen i hated it tried it a few times i also tried drugs hated it no point for me to go there

  24. We don't pickpocket people in America, we just stick a pistol in your face and demand your phone and wallet… the 'Murican way

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