Why I Don't Go to the Beach in Hawaii (as a local)

Let’s talk about going to the beach in Hawaii. Everyone loves the beach in Hawaii, right? Well, not everyone. At the risk of losing my Kamaaina status (lol), I wanted to talk about why I don’t care for “going to the beach” in Hawaii. It’s not that I don’t like the beauty of the ocean. I think the ocean is beautiful and it’s been said to help with one’s mental health. But I don’t understand the appeal of going to the beach in Hawaii after you’ve done it two dozen times.

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Not a Beach Hater Because… – 9:47

Filmed on the Canon GX1 Mark III.


  1. When I lived there the beach at points became a side view as I walked or drove to work.I took it for granted. The place I loved go to the beach was “NORT” Shore or mostl southerly part of Waikiki (where the fountain is can’t remember the name) 🧠 err you know 🙂 The beaches were always kept up there. Or down where the hotels are they always dumped clean sand I always wondered why they Dredged through there now I know. So I am guilty as charged for not going to the beach. Lol I love Oahu miss it but I am glad I am here during this time. Just because I am sure things have been difficult. I came there iin 2007 and lived there until 2015. Hawaii was just reviving from a bad recession. I can only imagine what it’s like now🌸🌺🌺

  2. Eh, I guess not liking the beach it depends which island in Hawai'i you're at. You're on Oahu & I can understand your dislike of going to the beach. The beaches are trash there. I lived on Oahu for 7 years. Maybe your opinion will change if you visited a neighbor island beach. Maui has thee best beaches IMO.

  3. You no like the beach! Wat! You no can swim either? Nah, nah, nah, nah….is ok. No need go beach. Stay home….watch korean soap opera instead. 🙂

  4. LOL yep, when life happens, priorities change, and without change, there is no life … which that does not mean that a person can "change back" to something from "before time" … priorities are constantly changing … but "tired change" sometimes LOL … your insightful vids are addicting …

  5. I completely avoid the beaches on Oahu, it's crowded and parking/traffic is always horrendous! And the bathrooms, I agree! It's really gross.

  6. This is just age talking here. Ur complaining because you forgot what its like to have fun,..just enjoy, dont bring valuables, just a towel and slippers and get in the water….,if you just lounging, i bring my ,mover’s cover as a beach blanket. Big enough for me and my 2 daughters to eat musubis and cold drinks. Large umbrella for shade,..

  7. So true, born Island and don’t care for the beach (to crowded, tourists), but LOVE me the Ocean soooo much. love the smell, sight and most the sound, sleep sooo good. It’s in my Blood, born by the ocean, die by the ocean (hopefully/pray). Every time I was away, always missed so BAD. Aloha 🤙🏼❤️🇺🇸🤠

  8. As a long-time resident of Kona from 1986 to 2002, I hear you loud and clear, brah! I now live on Pine Island in So West Florida. Right across from the water and a 20 min kayak paddle to an island with a small beach with nobody on it and not a single piece of trash to be found most of the time. I am commenting because I just visited Kona for the first time since I moved to the mainland. I found one of the reasons why I left. I went up to my old neighborhood. It was a dead end street with a high end private school right across from my driveway. Same problem after 20 years; the trash at the end of the street and the abandoned cars propped up on lava rocks that never seem to be picked up. On our travels, we took the coast road from Kealakekua Bay to Place of Refuge and I saw some of the same junk cars and appliances that had been there for over 20 years! Was thinking of moving back but the reality of the island still being trashed (mostly by locals) and a simple 3 br 2 ba tract house costing $750,000 that was a $100,000 house when I left in 2002, the reality of living there as I am now retired, just doesn't make sense. Another thing I noticed is it felt more like Silicon Valley than Kona. No more Aloha there🙄

  9. Relating braddah. Grew up on tiny island where everyone seemed to go boating around. Never did. Kinda like rather watch football on tv than go to a stadium.

  10. I have lived on Whidbey Island most my life and its very rare i go to the beach. Mostly i see tourists there.

  11. This hits home 😂
    I live 10 mins away from the beach but I’ve only gone probably less than 20x in the past 20 years.
    Too much to pack. Water is cold. Water is dirty. Sand is too messy. Bugs everywhere.

  12. You could do what I do when I go to the beach solo.

    I put all my stuff on the sand in an area where no one else is, then I go into the water and "swim" (wade nervously, while looking around in an exaggerated way) while periodically staring at my stuff like a hawk to ensure that everyone knows that I know that it is exposed and that I know where it is.

  13. Love this video. One of the things I miss about Hawaii is going to the beach. The irony is that my parents rarely ever took me to the beach when we lived there.

    I've lived in the PNW for the last 30 years since, and the ocean isn't very hospitable here, so I really miss swimming in the ocean. It's one of the major reasons I consider moving to Hawaii, I love swimming in the ocean. Also, the sand here is more like mud than actual sand, so I find it funny that you think the sand is so dirty. I suppose I would say imagine going to the beach and the sand is mixed with red clay, it's like that(plus all the seaweed, plant debris, crab shells all over).

    When I do visit the islands, I usually make it part of my agenda to swim in the ocean once every day. And, that has made me realize that I'm not a huge fan of hanging out at the beach, so I feel I can relate there. It's more of a one hour adventure: get to the beach, swim, rest, dry off, and leave. I'm really white, so I burn easily, which is one reason I don't hang out at the beach longer(plus I feel so ridiculous wearing all that sunscreen and looking like haole).

    I live in Eureka, next to the bay where the weather is fairly temperate year around. I'm surrounded by forest and mountains. I take a lot of it for granted. It's generally under 60 degrees every day here, and I find that a bit chilly and uncomfortable. It's rarely t-shirt weather. It's foggy and overcast probably more than 50% of the time, and sometimes it seems like weeks go by without seeing the sun. That's actually depressing.

    But, we're surrounded by redwood forest and amazing mountains with lots of hiking trails. It's not that attractive to me. I find the redwood forest boring. I've seen the big trees and while they leave an impression, I find it a bit boring. I still find the Koolau mountains breathtaking. Plus, I'll say it again, it's chilly here, so I'm not thrilled about being cold in the forest. There's actually a thing here called the Humboldt Crud, which is really just that people tend to get respiratory illnesses regularly, especially during the cold season.

    I like hiking in the mountains, but that usually entails driving an hour or more away and likely staying somewhere overnight or more. So, imagine it's like going to the beach, you have to prepare and pack, then come home to have to clean and unpack. It sort of takes the thrill out of it. Plus, there are so so so many people out there nowadays that it makes it less enjoyable or worth the effort. I feel like tourism this last year has just gotten out of hand. It's awful.

    There's fishing on the ocean and rivers, but I never go fishing. I did try it when I was younger, but it never grew on me. It's generally cold and wet, and that's not worth it to me. I like being able to feel my fingers and toes. Fishing is stinky, and slimy, and I don't want to have to clean all that on top of being cold and wet. I'm very thankful there are people who do that regularly so that I can enjoy eating fish.

    Also, I'm on the mainland, so I can travel by car anywhere I want to here when I want. But, it takes time, costs money, and you have to deal with traffic. So, traveling by car isn't something I find exciting anymore. With so many people being tourists lately it's really not that enjoyable to be driving anywhere.

    There's lots of snow generally, but not so much these last few years. I've never been a huge fan of the snow, it's just not my thing. It requires more gear, it's cold, you have to prepare for it, pack, travel, and then clean up after it all. It's exhausting for someone who thinks being that cold isn't enjoyable.

    One more odd thing to mention that I probably take for granted. I'm white, and the majority of the population here is white. Which, I find is actually disappointing. I miss the diversity of culture that is in Hawaii, even if I did get picked on for being a haole. I feel like the culture here lacks the ohana vibe. There's been a few times that racists have exposed themselves here, and it's incredibly disheartening.

  14. No . You local, just doing your busy life….newcomers and singles do things more often..there you go. Your boy will get you to the beach.

  15. Brah, you kinda stuck in the 40/40 plan..very sad…you still young enough to change..too much responsibility…

  16. More worse Brah, I live Hawaii state about 39 yrs.. Kauai and Big island..now, Oahu…pilau Brah,. So gross Waikiki.. embarrassing…rubbish and scuzzy people… entitled and narcissistic, arrogant…….I surf, boogie board, swim…not go beach too much…water sports or go fishing…. yeah if I had wheels, I'd go to other places. At least Walls has real sand…all the rest is dirt.

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