Why I Don't Go to the Beach in Hawaii (as a local)

Let’s talk about going to the beach in Hawaii. Everyone loves the beach in Hawaii, right? Well, not everyone. At the risk of losing my Kamaaina status (lol), I wanted to talk about why I don’t care for “going to the beach” in Hawaii. It’s not that I don’t like the beauty of the ocean. I think the ocean is beautiful and it’s been said to help with one’s mental health. But I don’t understand the appeal of going to the beach in Hawaii after you’ve done it two dozen times.

Intro – 0:00
Reason 1 – 1:47
Reason 2 – 2:59
Advice Needed – 4:57
Reason 3 – 7:33
Not a Beach Hater Because… – 9:47

Filmed on the Canon GX1 Mark III.